Monday, 1 August 2011

budapest day 5, 6 and 7 roundup

Hi guys!

After one day in Duesseldorf I am back to Budapest since this morning. I again had to be at the airport sooo early, I'm awake since 4 am and didn't want to take a nap after my check-in at the hotel because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep in the evening then. So now it's evening and I'm totally exhausted. I'll work at my company's Hungarian office until Thursday again and I want to savour every free minute of my time here before I leave because I love spending time with my Hungarian student co-workers, these girls are so nice and helpful (yep, I keep repeating myself...but) it's amazing!

As my stay here was interrupted by the short visit at home I decided to post my photos of day five, six and seven so that I can go on in the correct chronological order afterwards ;)

So, first let me tell you about Thursday. One of the girls from the office invited me to join her in the evening when she wanted to meet a friend and have a drink. This friend of hers also is such a lovely girl, she studies fashion design here in Budapest, damn how cool!

We went to the most awesome bar I've ever seen, Szimpla Bar. If I lived here this would definitely be my favourite place! It's a kind of alternative bar in an old rundown building and the bar is spread on different floors and parts of it. It actually looks like a big fleamarket with lots of different (vintage) furniture, an old car in the yard, old bikes as wall decoration, old toys lying around in the corners... I can't even explain the atmosphere and my photos didn't turn out that good, so I borrowed some of thei website to show you what I mean:

(click here for more pics)

Seriously, if you ever visit Budapest I highly recommend you a Soproni beer or red wine with soda in the evening there! As soon as it gets dark and the lights go on it looks magical there :)
We'll try to go there again on one of the next days and I hope I'll make better pictures then.

On Friday two of my co-workers took me to the central market Hall, a big hall full of little stands with food, spirits and souvenirs. The souvenirs are a little cheaper there than in these typical tourist-knick-knack-shops on the main shopping streets. Plus you can try some of the most famous Hungarian snacks or delicacies like Pick salami, all different kinds od strudels, millions of different paprika products and sooo on....

I tried a typical Hungarian Lángos, a famous snack that is a piece of delish deep-fried dough that can be topped with anything. the most typical topping is sour cream and grated cheese and believe me, even if it might sound and look simple, it tasted so good! there are also sweet versions with apple, cinnamon, vanilla and whatnot that I want to try before I leave on Thursday. Furthermore I need to try at least one strudel and another sweet snack of which I forgot the name but of which I was promised that it is delicious as well :)

As I said today was pretty exhausting because of the early flight so I kept it easy. First I went to McDonalds to have coffee (essential and extremely neccessary), then I wandered around downtown and enjoyed that the shops are open on Sunday here. Although the currency rate is rather unfavourable for me ( 1 Euro = 268 Forint) I was able to get some nice things in the H&M and Zara sale and I also found some more nice souvenirs :)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Oh I wish we had cool bars like that here too! And anything with grated cheese on it cannot fail to be delicious :) All that cheese looks delightful!

  2. That bar looks like soo much fun! What a really unique place, I would love to go some place like that.
    Looks like fun :)

  3. That bar looks so awesome! And this looks like an amazing trip!


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