Tuesday 16 August 2011

green bird

Hi guys!

How was your start of the week?
I've been feeling so tired since Sunday, I guess its the full moon. Today for example I already had three coffees that were good (especially the one that was combined with a cinnamon roll), but that didn't help against the tiredness at all.
Maybe it's also the train rides. Train rides always make me tired as hell, just as much as car rides. Well, I simply can't help myself when travelling somewhere... well, except for travelling by plane. Okay I correct myself: I'm only tired when travelling with a vehicle that has some kind of wheels.
Bla, anyway, I went to the doctor's this morning (in vain cause he is on vacation) and back home and in the afternoon I went to Cologne for a laser appointment and now I'm back home all sleepy and sluggish.

♥ cardi: zara ♥ blouse + belt: primark ♥ skirt + tights: h&m ♥ bag: billabong ♥ shoes: thrifted ♥

Haha my bow hair pin looks like a piece of my ear peeking out in the photos. Ah well, no look is perfect right? I claim that funny little details make it more interesting!
So, how do you like the grass green? I'm not really sure yet if it's a bit to bright or not but I think you can't help me with this decision because the 60s effect on the photos reduces the colour's brightness a bit. This means YES it's even brighter in real life, really fresh bright green.
At least I fortunately stumbled upon this floral blouse at Primark the other day, it has the exact same shade of green like the cardi in its gorgeous floral print! Thank the fashion gods for this divine intervention for I had bought the cardi without the slightes idea of how to style it.
A happy end for me and the bright green eventually :)

♥ ring: six ♥ bracelet: accessorize ♥

Sorry for the similar pics but the florals are too pretty to not show them twice ;)
I love all the springy colours! Okay spring is over and summer is not summer this year, but florals always put me in a good mood, so I think you'll see this blouse more often in the next weeks.

By the way: have you noticed my shorter hair?
This is the first post with the new haircut, woohoo!
Like I said, I sacrificed a few centimeters for the sake of a bit of diversion. I was sick of knotted felted strands at the end of the day and even if this summer is not summery at all I really like that the hair feels lighter and better on warm days.
Embarrassing but true: I had this style cut after the maxi bob Jennifer Aniston wears. Ooh imagine how I blush at this part of the story... Of course I don't want to look like Jen! It's not my kind of style at all, but I felt inspired by it and adapted it to my own style. And for the record: I don't plan to go blond ;)

Here is the comparison of before and after. What do you say?

I believe the shorter hair makes me look younger but also fresher. I will let it grow again because I love long hair too much to turn to a shorter hairstyle forever, but I will definitely return to the maxi bob as soon as the long hair starts to annoy me again.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. schönes Outfit, den Ring habe ich auch ;) Mir gefallen deine Haare etwas länger besser ;)

  2. Hey ^^
    Ja die burg ist relativ nah b ei uns (15 min) und da sts einfach wunderovll!! Vor allem dann abends wenn die sonne langsam unter geht :D

    Liebe grüße

  3. Natürlich ist es mir gleich aufgefallen! Die haare sehen toll aus! Hat wirklich was erfrischendes! Und ich erzähl dir auch mein Haar-Geheimnis, ich habe mir schon zweimal denselben Haarschnitt wie heidi schneiden lassen :D obwohl ich die frau gar nicht abkann. Aber iwie trägt die das aufm kopf, was ich mir bildich vorstelle. Und dabei kommt die vorstellung oft bevor ich die alte überhaupt gesehen habe. :D

  4. lovin the new cut on you! And that lovely bright sweater. You looks so fresh, and ready for fall.

  5. Really pretty blouse :)


  6. Your hair looks amazing my dear!! Super chic. I really love this outfit too, the green is soooo good on you. Really pretty top and polka dot tights. I can't wait to bust out my polka dot ones!

  7. Oh yes! Definitely loving the hair, and the cardigan!! That may or may not have something to do with green being my absolute fave color ;) That top looks fab on you and those tights too. Hope you're awake by now hehe!

  8. Deiene harre sind aber imm,er noch gan schoen lang! Ich lasse mire meine nach der Hochzeit kurz schneiden, die spitzen sind so was von kaputt!

    Ich habe eine ganz aehnliche strickjacke, ich mag dieses gruen mit lila!

  9. You look absolutely stunning! I love that green on you and your hair looks amazing!

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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