Sunday 14 August 2011

about a blog #2: Smitten

Hi guys!

It's time for "about a blog" round two! Remember the first time when I said I'd like to introduce you some of my favourite blogs?
Well, today it's all about a Canadian personal style and lifestyle blog called


If you don't know the lovely Jenna and her blog please head over and take a look, I'm sure if you like my blog you'll love hers ;)

Jenna has become one of my favourite bloggers because every single outfit she puts together is something I would definitely wear too. For me she's the queen of checkered pieces (especially dresses), but she also has lots of lovely floral patterns, striped pieces and really cute accessories in her wardrobe and her talent for mixing all these different patterns is awesome!

But enough about what I think. Jenna was so kind to answer me a few questions so you can get to her a little bit yourself:

name: Jenna D

age: almost 22

place: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

profession: Student in my last year of my undergraduate degree in Psychology

What influences you when choosing your outfit for the day?

Theres a lot, my mood for sure influences what I'm going to wear, whether I'm feeling really feminine, or adventurous that day. What I'm doing that day affects what I'll wear and definitely the weather, we get some crazy weather here sometimes.

How would you describe yourself and your style?

Such a difficult question!! My style changes with my mood so sometimes it's a little more eclectic or casual but I'm always drawn to feminine pieces, interesting prints and patterns.

What are your favourite brands/shops?

I like forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, theres a couple of thrift stores I love where I live, and decadence has some great vintage.

How has your style developed in the course of the last years?

I have definitely become much braver in what I wear now than I was in the past. I love mixing prints, layering and remixing pieces in new ways. Theres so many things I used to think I couldn't pull off that I like now.

What season is your favourite concerning outfits?

As much as I love the warmth and easyness of summer, fall is my favorite. Fall colours are so great and I get to layer and break out all my patterned tights again.

What is your favourite music or what are your favourite bands?

I like a lot of different music, my favorite artists are Neil Young and Matthew Good, they're both such amazing artists.

How come you started a blog?

I wanted a creative outlet, I'd always dress up for University and I wanted a space to showcase that and talk about fashion. And it was a place that could push me outside my comfort zone.

What recent trends do you like or dislike?

Florals, stripes and definitely print mixing is something I'm loving. And all the bright colours for summer!

Any advice concerning fashion or blogging?

Do it for yourself, if you start to obsess about followers, stats etc, it will take all the fun out of it. There's so many wonderful people to meet, and it can be a very supportive community :)


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  1. aw ill have to check her out now! so nice when people recommend other nice blogs :) x

  2. She is adorable!!!! I will have to pop on over and visit.

    Hugs to you dear one.

  3. Thank you so much!! This was a lot of fun, I love all the pictures you chose. :D :D

  4. Nice, I got to check this blog!!

  5. Great interview/post!


  6. Thanks for sharing it ! Nice to discover your beautiful blog and hers !

  7. i LOVE smitten! she definitely has a gift for print mixing!



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