Saturday 27 August 2011

i am everything i am not

Hi guys!

How are you?
It's Saturday morning, I have lots of plans for today but before the actual action can begin I'm relaxing with coffee and sandwiches at my desk. I love it when you're able to take all the time you want for breakfast :)
Unfortunately I'm also dyeing my roots, which means I'm sitting here with aluminium foil on my head and feel the urgent desire to scratch my scalp off! So annoying when you can't scratch! Still 20 minutes to go.... be strong.....

♥ shirt + shorts: h&m ♥ blazer: pimkie ♥ shoes: head ♥

To tell you something about the outfit: it might sound stupid but I've wanted to try a shorts-with-tights-look for so long. The last time I wore such a combo was years ago during my emo/punk time when I combined pinstripe shorts with leopard tights. Somehow I never bought shorts but rather dresses and skirts the last years so that the amount of shorts in my wardrobe has decreased to two pairs. One of these pairs is - how else could it be - darkblue! I didn't feel like wearing a skirt yesterday so I gave the shorts a try, et voilà, the photos show the result. I think it's okay but I'm not 100% convinced to wear it like that more often. What do you think?
Yay or nay?

♥ brooch: swapped at kleiderkreisel ♥ necklace: ebay ♥ tea pot ring: six ♥ bow bracelet: monki ♥

The whole week was hot and sticky and now the weekend is cold and rainy, what are we to think about it? I'm going to visit some old friends in the village where I used to live this afternoon and afterwards our monthly girls night takes place. This time Julia, our dentist-to-be, will cook for us and we'll mix cocktails, which will be fun because we've never done this. I'll try to take as many photos as possible so you will maybe see some of the food and mischief tomorrow ;)

Happy Saturday!

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  1. ur blazer is fantastic!!! love the teapot ring! cute!

  2. Sehr schöne Kombi!! Steht dir ;)

  3. This is such a great outfit, seriously. That gingham top is so great, especially with the shorts and blazer. Shorts + tights are such a great look

  4. oh gosh, this might be one of my favorite outfits to date! Makes me quite jealous, for two reasons: One, I don't feel like I ever have enough time to put together great pairings like this, and two: we are in the midst of an awful heatwave (everything here is sticky feeling) and I long to remember what stockings feel like.

    You are adorable! Shoes and all :)


  5. Love the blouse and the teapotring!

    Have a great sunday.


  6. i LOVE this eclectic look! the gingam is so cute and wow, shorts! They look great on you lovely! I tried shorts with tights and my mom wigged out and said "no, shorts are summertime items and only to be worn then!" LOL! she's such a kook

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  7. Shorts with tights is definitely an autumn staple :)

    I love the teapot ring so much! Gah, I need more tea-related stuff.

  8. I LOVE your dinosaur brooch, it is so adorable!!! Dyeing roots is such a pain... literally lol...I'm doing mine tonight ughhh... I am actually not a shorts person too, but I now have two nice pairs of shorts that I'm looking forward to wearing this summer. I really like the shorts with tights look on other people, all of my friends do this, but I am too self conscious of my legs to do this :P

  9. Well done for being adventurous in your clothing. Love the teapot ring!

  10. I adore girls who team tights with shorts (: tres chic indeed x


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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