Tuesday 1 March 2011

pretty little somethings

Hi guys!

I have to admit I broke my shopping ban on Friday! Shame on me... or rather shame on the shops that offer these lovely little things I can never ever resist. My shopping ban was planned to end on March the 6th, but hey come on I went through with not shopping the whole February, so I think I can still be proud. Normally I buy stuff less diligently but from now on I'll try to not go over the top with spending money on clothing and accessories.

Anyway, here's a short overview of things that have found their way into my life recently.

Pretty purple tulips.
They're only from the supermarket, but I couldn't resist their rich colour and they've been holding up well so far.

a caramel-brown fake suede headband from H&M.
For the perfect urban hippie look ;)
(sorry I look a bit insane in the photo haha)

this lovely little owl key fob.
It's a gift from my friend Farah, she said she saw it and knew it had to be mine for I love anything owl-wise. :)

two adorable animal rings.
These two were the reason I broke my shopping ban! But as I said, I couldn't resist.
The bird ring is from Gina Tricot, the rabbit is from H&M.

this Casio
(picture via backyard-shop.de)
My said friend Farah has this watch a similar watch and when I told her about my plans to buy a watch and complained about how over-priced many watches are she showed me hers. It was 50€ (my Mum subsidized me) and I finally have a golden watch to match my golden jewelry.

Although I broke the shopping ban I don't have a bad conscience at all. Is that wrong?
Anyway, have a lovely day guys!

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  1. gorgeous flowers I love the colour and the rings are so cute :)I always find whenever I am on a spending ban I always end up spending more :s x

  2. ich liebe tulpen, super farbe. das flechtstirnband aus leder steht dir gut. passt gut zu deinem hauttyp. :-)

  3. i love those rings.
    i would def. break a shopping ban to buy those beauties as well! :)
    have a wonderful week.

  4. That keychain is seriously so adorable that I'm tempted to seek one out for myself! Cute! And I like that headband. So much.

  5. Awww the owl is so cute! And breaking the ban is understandable, those rings are precious!
    M xo

  6. lovely purple tulips!:) I love this colour.. you never really see them in purple..

  7. Just found your blog. Love it. Can't wait to be a follower and keep reading.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  8. Halle meine Liebe,

    oooh man weisst Du was - ich wollte schon immer so einen Casio....die sieht so toll aus....einfach super stylish...!

    Also weisst Du was...Hippie Bänder stehen Dir super...hat was....sieht klasse aus!

    Schlaf gut meine Liebe und morgen wünsch ich Dir einen tollen Tag :*

    with love

  9. Oh der Hasenring gefällt mir sehr gut und die Tulpen sind total schön. Immer wenn ich früh zur ersten Stunde in den Unterricht muss, stehe ich genau dann am Markt, wenn die Blumenhändler ihre Stände aufbauen. Am liebsten würde ich alles kaufen ;-)
    Leider habe ich durch das Praktikum keine Zeit durch die Geschäfte zu gehen, aber viell. ist das ganz gut so ^^

  10. Seems like you broke your ban for some beautiful items- those rings are so cute! I also adore purple tulips, always brightens my days when I have some in the house xx

  11. Those tulips are beautiful! I miss living in a colder climate, it is so hard to grow any sort of nice flowers...
    I love your little animal rings so much, I hope I can find some like this too :)

  12. i'd break a ban for that watch!

  13. Everything is so lovely...and I think you deserved them all. xoxoxox hugs

  14. ahh i want your ring ! lol i would die i stop myself from buying stuff

    cause at times shopping is the only thing which can make me happy :(

  15. Ach das ist doch halb so wild! Du hast es lange genug durchgehalten! Und die Ringe sind auch einfach unwiderstehlich!!!!!

  16. You look so beautiful!
    and the ring is so amazing! I adore animal rings :D

    xxx London & Paris


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