Thursday 24 March 2011

bigfoot is not yeti

Hi guys!

I have recovered from the flu and pertinacious cough almost completely and today was my first day back at the office again. It's like a déjàvue because I wrote almost the same about two weeks ago when I first stayed at home sick. Now after the second time staying at home I hope it's over.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

♥ shirt, belt, skirt & shoes: h&m blazer: handmade via ebay tights: gina tricot ♥ socks: primark

It felt so good to put on tights and a skirt after one week in pyjama pants :)
This skirt was practically already gone from my closet, I put it in my rejected-stuff-bag a few weeks ago when I was sorting out clothes for a swap website. Then this bag stood around for some days and the skirt was on top and everytime I passed by I saw it and thought how nice the colour of the denim is. To cut a long story short I tried it on again and kept it - obviously.

And this shirt! I missed out on it when it was in the stores and luckily found it on Ebay after some months then. I love the print, it's so cute.
But only today I noticed that the print is wrong. It says "The Return of the Yeti - Bigfoot strikes again" and it shows a brown furry creature. Now if I remember correctly Bigfoot and Yeti are two different creatures. Bigfoot is a brown kind of great ape who lives in the woods (or with the Hendersons haha) and the Yeti is a creature with white fur living somewhere in an icy and snowy region.
Believe me I'm a pro for freaky topics like this, I used to be part of a mystery hunters forum when I was younger. Nerd alert! I told you so...
So H&M definitely didn't do a good job in researching about what to print on their shirts.
Nevertheless do I love the shirt dearly :)

♥ ring: six ♥ socks: primark

By the way, when I was browsing Youtube for a Harry and the Hendersons video to link above I found another video of an old TV show: The Dinosaurs!
Yay, I loved them. Okay basically I still do, I just forgot it because they don't show it on German TV anymore.
Look at the baby:

The Dinosaurs: Baby says Daddy

His facial expressions are so awesome :D
It's so good to reminisce about childhood from time to time.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Loving this whole outfit, especially the tshirt, ring & socks. Being sick sucks, I hope you are well soon :)

  2. Ohhh I love your ring and those tights! That denim skirt is really cute, I'm glad you saved it from the rejects!!
    Ugh, being sick sucks soo much, glad to hear you're feeling a bit better!

  3. I LOVE your top! Beautiful blog!

    The Flower Girl

  4. OMG, I forgot about the dinosaurs! I loved that show! What a trip. Love your tee and tights!

  5. Get well soon! Being ill is horrible :( On the plus side your tights are amazing and I love your outfit :) I'm following you now :) xx

  6. Haha this shirt is fantastic, and I also love your ring! Hope you feel better soon! :)

  7. So glad your feeling better, and fingers crossed you don't get ill again! Love that shirt too, and you are so right, a yeti and bigfoot are definitely not the same thing.

  8. omg! I used to watch that show, i cant even believe i forgot about it, hehe.

  9. i love your socks and that ring is just wonderful. i love it. <3

  10. I am sorry to hear you've been battling the flu. I hope you are completely better now! I love that shirt. And that ring is soo cute!

  11. the blazer was made for you!!! :)

  12. I have the same Tee in Blue! :D Love it!

    Can't wait till I can start wearing blazers too!!! COME ON SPRING!!!!

  13. danke für deinen netten mommentar. ich liebe dein t-shirt !

  14. I'm glad you kept that skirt because it looks great on you! And that ring is perfect! <3

  15. I kind of ADORE your tights, a lot. They are so cute and you styled them so well with the other socks and the blazer!

  16. ja mein foodblog wirdleidergerade etwas vernachlässigt! Aber ich hab einfach nicht die zeit auf 3 blogs gleichzeitig zu bloggen -.-
    aber die alten rezepte verwende ich auch noch sehr sehr oft – leider sind viele bilder eben echt noch alt das sieht man an der qualität..früher hatt eich noch keine spiegelreflex und wusste auch noch nicht so wirklich wie ich die bilder richtig bearbeite! Liebe grüße

  17. Your blog captivated me, I'm loving it. Make sure you come back often.

  18. You look so cute in those lace tights and that chambray skirt!! I am glad to read that you're over your cold. Also, thanks for letting me know about using the blog photo! It was a very flattering post. It's totally okay since you linked back, let me know, and I think you're cool. ; )

  19. That tee is SO awesome! I wish I had one just like it!

  20. cute layering with the socks shoes and tights!

  21. You hit the nail on the head with that outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too,soon.


  22. Hallo mein Süsse,

    wow tolles Outfit aber am schönsten gefällt mir das erste Bild...tolle Pose,...ich liebe es!
    Der Ring ist toll...den hab ich schon immer super gefunden... :)

    Wünsch Dir einen wunderschönen SA

    with love

  23. sucha big fan of your blog - def a new follower

  24. Oh wow that's so weird, my boyfriend actually has a big toy of Dinosaur Baby in our room from when he was little, it was his favorite show!

    Love your Yeti shirt, it's very adorable :)

  25. I love your tights, shoes, & socks...but you're right! Neither Bigfoot nor the Yeti look like that. I suppose it's sort of a mashup of both? Still a very cool shirt (:

  26. HAHAHA ich hab die Dinos auch total geliebt! Bis vor kurzem liefen die auch noch Sonntagfrüh auf Kabel1. Da bin ich extra aufgestanden. Aber jetzt nicht mehr :( bleibt nur noch Aladin über xD
    Der Ring ist übrigens schön (hab den auch ;-)) Und das Shirt is supercool, erinnern mich auch an Placebo's Song "Bigmouth strikes again" :D von daher umso besser!
    Kann gar nicht glauben, dass du den Rock aussortieren wolltest, der sieht richtig klasse aus!

  27. achja und zum Thema Peinlichsein: Meinem Freund ist nix peinlich, dafür mit umso mehr!! Ich muss mich immer überwinden auf der Straße Fotos zu machen. Eigentlich hasse ich es allgemein von anderen fotografiert zu werden, egal wo.


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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