Saturday 19 March 2011

spinach-feta-strudel recipe

Hi guys!

I forgot to tell you that I had a kind of relapse with my nasty cough, so I've been staying at home since Wednesday. I used my forced timeout for baking and cooking because apart from internet and TV there's not much to do for me. Okay housework too.
Anyway, I thought I could share another recipe with you, haven't done this for quite some time.
It's relatively easy and quick to make and tastes good :)


You need:

300g deep-frozen leaf spinach
2 onions
1 garlic clove
1 tin (425ml) tomatoes
salt and pepper
200g feta cheese
6 sheets deep-frozen puff pastry
(or 200g Turkish yufka dough)
100g ham
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon sesame
baking paper

1. Defrost the spinach. Dice the onions and garlic, fry until transparent.
Add tomatoes and boil it all up.

2. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Add spinach, fry for a short time.

3. Dice feta cheese and ham. Defrost the puff pastry sheets and put them together to one big layer on a baking tray with baking paper.
Spread the pan mish-mash and the feta and ham on the puff pastry, leave out the edges (you have to roll them up in the next step).

4. Roll up the edges to get a typical strudel-shape. Don't worry if it's not pretty, the dough will bake up anyway ;)
Then cover your strudel with the egg yolk and dredge it with the sesame (I left out the sesame so it's not in the photos).

5. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 180° for about 25 minutes.
It should look nicely goldenbrown on the outside.

Bon appétit! :)

P.S. I found a slightly different recipe with an extra recipe for the dough to do it yourself here.

Und für meine deutschen Leser gibts ein Rezept auf Deutsch hier.

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  1. oooooooooh sieht das lecker aus!! Das werde ich nach ostern def. mal nachkochen. Faste bis dahin und esse keine Kohlenhydrate -_-
    btw. feta ist doch echter schafskäse? Nur so sachen wie Balkankäse oder Hirtenkäse sind aus Kuhmilchy soweit ich weiß.
    Schönes wochenende dir!! ;)

  2. Wow, that looks so delicious! *-*

  3. Looks great!! Tnx 4 the recipe :)
    Xoxo, K.

  4. mmmmmmmmh! i love spinache. this looks delish!
    just stumbled upon your blog! i like it, following now :)

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  5. Oh! That looks so delicious, I love anything with fetta cheese!!!

  6. omg, i'm so hungry after reading this post!

  7. hmmm, dass sieht aber lecker aus. muss ich auch mal testen :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, this looks so delicious! I have to try this out!
    I've awarded you the Stylish and/or Versatile Blogger award, check it out:

    M xo


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