Wednesday 16 March 2011

let the music play

Hi guys!

Wow, it's already Tuesday. I hate how time flies! March is almost over although to me it seems like it began just yesterday.
As long as it's semester break I try to work more than the usually permitted 20 hours a week in the semester. It's good that I'm allowed to earn more money during the break because I want to save a bit every month for an Ireland holiday next year.
And I'm still struggling with this never-ending cough! I bet you can't hear it anymore and I'm so fed up with it either.

♥jacket, shirt & jeans: h&m ♥ belt & shoes: primark ♥ hat & necklace: accessorize ♥ watch: casio ♥ bag: roxy

the outfit photos were taken by Patrick

Anyway, I have some photos from Saturday for you when Patrick's band tornapart played a concert in Aachen. It was a nice evening because I was able to meet some friends and acquaintances who live there and I accompany Patrick to his concerts as often as possible anyway, simply because I'm old-fashioned and think that two persons in a relationship have to support each other in what they do ;)

these photos were taken by René R., a friend of the band

The sound system and the guy at the mixing machine were a mess but it was a cool concert anyway. tornapart are kind of local heroes there because half the band lives and studies in Aachen, so they motivate all their families and friends to visit their concerts when they're in town.

another two photos taken by René R., he even caught me filming the gig :)

It's funny that I'm posting about last weekend although the next weekend is almost there. The next days will be full of work, so time will probably go by so fast again. I don't have any exciting plans, only grocery shopping, an appointment at the doctor's and watching Fringe.
I hope one or two dates for the weekend will arise on short notice.

Have a lovely day!

now playing: dredg - i don't know
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  1. That shirt is really cute! :)
    And I also like to accompany my boyfriend to his concerts, I'm a bit old-fashioned too :D

  2. hallo meine liebe, du hast ein talent dich immer super passend zu kleiden.

    schönen abend noch

  3. Looking nice there, I like the pictures.

  4. Cute outfit!! Seriously love your jacket and your hair color:) Also time does fly fast...totally crazy!

  5. love that shirt! you look cute, :D xx

  6. I fought that cough forEVER! Literally felt like months and months. Hopefully you'll get through it soon - in the meantime, you look fun and fashionable as always. Love that little redish looped belt!

  7. love the outfit, especially that jacket!

  8. Love your dress and jacket! Perfect concert outfit :D
    When my boyfriend was in a band I made a point to go to as many of his shows as possible too, I share your sentiment that it's important to support each other when you're in a relationship!
    M xo

  9. That gingham dress looks so lovely on you!!! It is very cute that you support your boyfriend and go to his shows. :) I think it is a great thing to do for someone.

  10. Cool photos! Love your shirt and your jacket! x

  11. Love how grunge you look, very appropriate wear for a girl that has a boyfriend in a band :D

  12. Hey
    Ja so wie gestern kann das wetter ruhig bleiben… naja…. Leider solls ab morgen wieder schlechter werden!
    Wir haben hier leider keinen bodyshop mehr sonst würde ich mir das mit apricose noch mal nachkaufen!
    Liebe grüße

  13. Love the oversized check shirt, looks lovely on you. Sally x

  14. Love this cool shirt dress, my friend has a similar one. And I totally love that you support your boyfriend, I think it's very thoughtful.

  15. Hallo meine Liebe,

    ich hoffe Dir gehts gut und Deine Woche war toll!
    Meine war extrem stressig...bin zu nichts in sachen blogging gekommen...aber heute :))

    super Partybilder....sieht nach einer tollen Party aus :)! Auch Dein Look an dem Tag ist sehr cool....Besonder cool finde ich auch den Post davor....als Indianerin...hahaha total lieb :))

    Wünsch Dir ein tolles Wochenende.... :**

    with love

  16. Wow you look so different with dark hair, I wasn't even sure it was yup at first!

    I like both hairstyles :)

    CC x


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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