Thursday 10 March 2011

summing up favourites #2: hats

Hi guys!

Here is another post that sums up my recent favourite blogger outfits. This time the topic is: hats.
If you're not really sure about how to wear hats with your looks (like me), these ladies might be
a good source of inspiration for you!

Color Me Nana and Another Day To Dress Up

FrouFrouu and Pink Champagne

Coffee and a Cardigan and Mariza

I still haven't worn the two real hats that I own because either I felt too unchic to put them on, or I felt like wearing them but the weather was so windy that I didn't because I was afraid they would fly away with the first little wind. I promise I'll keep on trying to wear them though.

What about you? Do you wear hats often or do you also feel too unchic to incorporate them in your outfit?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. i really really really love the second outfit.
    i want to wear it right now...!!!

  2. i love the straw hats that were going around last year, I def wore them! I haven't worn a big floppy hat yet though, we'll see :)

  3. great post! i wear hats more in the summer, but it's more for practicality than anything else - i hate when my neck is sunburnt!

  4. Thanks for the mention, Carina! I love straw hats! Great collection of photos.

  5. Oh, I love me some hats! I have tons of them, yet I only wear them when feeling Bold, I guess! I will keep trying along with ya :)
    gi gi

  6. Wearing hats is very fashionable, we like the outfits. Have a look on our blogg on


  7. Ich finde alle Outfits toll. Aber ich weiß, was du meinst, geh mal hier in Durchschnittsdeutschland so zurechtgemacht in eine Fußgängerzone. Die denken alle sonstwas von dir und gaffen, nur weil man einen Hut trägt.

  8. Thanks for the mention :) I LOVE Muse (and hats of course!)

  9. lovely styles, especially frou frouu's!

  10. Ohh I have the same problem! I have two lovely hats (a cloche like the one in the first pic and a boater hat) but I never wear them... I always get really shy about wearing my cloche hat because I don't want stupid bogans to look at me funny like I'm in costume, and whenever I feel like wearing the boater hat it's too windy. Also, I feel like I look silly in hats and always feel too self consious about wearing them :(

  11. these outfits are all so gorgeous, love the hats too :)

  12. I gotta get on the hat train. they look great x

  13. love these girls
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx


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