Thursday 3 March 2011

wonder what's next

Hi guys!

How are you today?
I can't believe it but spring has finally found its way to Düsseldorf. It was so sunny this afternoon, well still crisp though, but that doesn't matter to me as long as the sun comes out.
I had another day off and went to the doctor's because my cough still has not gone away and I'm so fed up with it. Meanwhile my whole ribcage hurts, so I was astounded when the doctor gave me his okay to go to the gym again.
I mean I'm happy but somehow I have my doubts about going to the gym with the cough and an aching ribcage you know.
Two years ago a friend's father had a bad cold and overextended himself (he was a firefighter), furthermore he didn't take meds and then after some weeks he died of a myocarditis. Since then I'm a bit afraid of working out too soon after a cold. I think I'll ask another doctor to get an alternative opinion. What do you think?

♥ jacket, dress & jeans: h&m ♥ shrug: promod scarf & necklace: accessorize belt: primark

Today's outfit is one of my tried and true looks for mornings when I don't have a clue what to wear. This is one of my favourite dresses (or tunics) anyway and I wear it at least once a week because I love the fit (conceals my love-handles) and the floral pattern goes with almost anything in my wardrobe. A little print-mixing with the leo scarf is fun, I love to mix leo pieces with floral ones. And the weather allowed me to wear the new faux leather jacket for the first time, I snatched it in the H&M sale back in January for only a third of the regular price.

When I came back from the doctor's I went straight to the gym to register. You wouldn't believe how motivated I am to get rid of all the weight I've gained due to being ill so often last year. I believe I've never been so motivated about fitness before. Instead of running from doctor to doctor I'd like to go running in the park in spring, or at least working out on the cross trainer. We'll see, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the cough to disappear soon.

♥ watch: casio ♥ bracelet: stylight gift ♥ ring: h&m

Speaking of motivation: by the way I've overcome my depressing boredom-days and made some plans for the weekend and for future days off. On Saturday I plan to go to the city and get a birthday present for my father's girlfriend, on Sunday I'll visit my Mum and we'll go to see my grandmother in the retirement home, then there'll be a big books fleamarket in the city soon, the flowers in the Japanese garden will start to bloom and lure me to come and take a walk there etc.
Oh and Patrick and I are going to plan an Ireland holiday for 2012 soon, I really can't wait! :)

Happy Wednesday!

now playing: biffy clyro - god and satan (awesome lyrics!)

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  1. danke für deinen nettem kommentar. danke für deinen tipp. ich kann dir nichts böse nehmen :-)

  2. Hallo meine Süsse,

    erstmal komme ich zu Deinem Kleidchen - es ist wunderschön....die Farben sind toll...sie schmeicheln Dir & vermitteln "es ist Frühling"! Mein Gott und auf die Uhr bin ich soooooooo neidisch Liebes...die rundet jedes Outfit ab...da braucht es doch eigentlich nichts mehr :)! Also wie ist Dir total gelungen!

    +++ Danke für Dein süsses Kommentar....Deine sind sooooo lieb....ich küss Dich dafür :)!

    Einmal ist es mir in Munich passiert...hihi da haben mich zwei Mädchen (14 Jahre) nach einem Autogramm gefragt aaaaaaaaa das war so ein cooles Erlebnis...das werde ich niiiiiiiiiemals vergessen!!!

    Jetzt wünsch ich Dir noch eine gute Nacht und süsse Träume :****

    with love

  3. I have the exact same ring!:D Except mine was from Forever 21, but it looks exactly the same as yours. LOL :)

    I love wearing floral pieces with a brown belt. Hence, I love your outfit! :D

  4. Hi,
    I love your dress. You have a lovely style. Ask another doctor if you are worried. Walking could be a gentle exercise for you if you re under the weather.
    I would exercise when you feel a bit better.
    I buy a lot of things in Promod, which you mention you got your shrug in.
    You have my kind of style,

  5. I love your aviator style jacket so much! I've been eagerly eyeing these as they have just started coming into the stores where I live but I'm not sure if they go with my other clothes, but I do love how you've styled this one.

    If you still have a cough you definately should avoid work outs, but if you're dying to do some excersize maybe you could go for a nice walk in the park? Walks are pretty good excersize and they won't leave you with a bad coughing fit afterwards! Hope you start to feel bettter soon <3

  6. I love the floral print with the leopard print!!
    I'd say to either go to another doctor for a second opinion, or trust your own body if you don't feel like you're ready to go to the gym! That's really scary what happened to your friend's dad, so I'd wait until you feel better and less achy.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment :D
    M xo

  7. your jacket and casio are amazing!


  8. get well soon!! it's amazing how exercising can make you feel more healthy and confident, I love it :) And your watch :)

  9. OMG - I'm going to have to track down that ring in H&M - its FAB!!!! you have loads of good H&M finds!

    also loving the casio watch!


  10. I love that floral dress, it's so pretty!
    I wouldn't worry too much about working out soon after your cold. I often take long walks or runs when I have a cold because I think it's good to keep exercising and working your body!

  11. ok firstly,get well soon!
    it seems you've been aving terrible luck where health is concerned,and i would say don't rush going to te gym and put it off from a few days!
    your dress is fetch! and i absolutely adore the owlring!
    u obviously have a busy week ahead,so tc and have fun in ireland!

  12. Your weekend sounds good! You have some lovely plans. Visitng my family is something I really love doing and I look forward to. Hope you have fun!
    The print on your dress is so so pretty, the belt breaks it up nicely and looks cute with the dress.
    And I'm totally jealous of your watch, I'm trying to find one I like, and I just can't. Love yours

  13. Loving the outfit! The dress is adorable! I envy you for the sunny weather, here is snowing!

    How I wish we live closer and could go together to the gym:)

    P.S: I'm organizing a giveaway with some great prizes. I invite you to join.

  14. whaaa please send some spring over here! Your dress is so cute, especially with the belt!

    I hope you feel better! Don't overextend yourself. It's so sad about your friend, the firefighter ):

  15. You should see another doctor to be sure you're ok! I'd do that!
    Anyway, that H&M ring is marvellous and I love how you mix prints :D


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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