Tuesday, 8 March 2011

girls fleamarket (+boys)

Hi guys!

Happy Monday! I hope you're all having a fantastic start into the week!
Well I did because today is Rosenmontag, the finale of the carnival days.
But more about that next time...

First things first:

yesterday I went to the Mädchenflohmarkt, a fleamarket that took place in the loft location of a local green energy provider called Straße Rauf. This fleamarket was presented by the Düsseldorf style blog Modedorf and the art gallery ninasagt.
The location - the loft, a kind of duplex apartment - was really cool, I've never seen a fleamarket in such a place. You first had to walk across a big backyard and up a wide doorway to get there, so it was quite hidden.

♥ whole outfit is h&m

Despite the unusual location, many people had heard of it and found their way through the backyard into the loft. The fleamarket itself wasn't very big, there were like 20 stands or so, but the crowd of visitors was immense. Some stands were so overcrowded that I couldn't take a look at the things on the table - even after our third round.
The said crowd mostly consisted of girls (of course) and when I looked around I felt like I had been warped to an indie fashion event. I've never seen so many stylish girls in one place, especially not at a fleamarket. It seemed like all of Düsseldorf's hipsters had gathered in this apartment building. I'm pretty sure there were lots of fashion bloggers among the visitors, however I don't really know local fashion blogs so I didn't recognize anyone.
Also the seller girls at the stands offered pretty cool stuff, not really this quirky knick-knack and vintage stuff you normally find on a fleamarket but it rather was like a 2nd hand fashion market. There was lots of H&M, Mango, Zara mixed with DIY pieces à la Etsy and some obligatory vintage things like old leather bags and stuff.

Somehow it felt strange to be there because too many stylish or also pseudo-stylish people in one place irritate me. I don't consider myself as a stylish person, no, I'm really not part of this hipster movement and I never could be. The last time I saw so many of them was when I visited the open day at the Academy of Arts and honestly I found them all pretty dislikable. And I felt the same yesterday. Okay, I admit you can't label people after their appearance, but if you also take their behaviour in consideration I think you can! And I'm not saying everyone at this fleamarket was dislikable, but many of them give you strange looks because of your bodyshape/hairstyle/outfit, they bump into you and don't apologize... this never happens to me at a normal fleamarket.
Anyway, this girls fleamarket seems to be one of THE places to be for Düsseldorf's hip crowd already now. And this was only the second time it took place. I'm curious if the next one will be even more popular.

Well, although all this hipster fuss was quite a pain in the a**, the market itself is definitely a great place to shop 2nd hand clothing. I found a tote bag, a scarf, 4 shirts and a button for less than 15€. As you can see in the photos below I somehow had a soft spot for plaid shirts, but my favourite find was this cool little button (the cheapest buy of them all).

I'll try to get a place for a stand next time, I think you can make some good deals with your own rejected clothes there.
Next weekend there's another fleamarket taking place, a much bigger one. I love that the fleamarket season slowly starts again now that it's spring.

Have a nice day!

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  1. I think your outfit's just great! i love white polka dots on a black background with a brighter jacket on! great choice :)
    im a fan of fleamarket, you always find something interesting, nice and original to buy!

    following you, hope you'll follow back!

  2. wo wars? in ddorf??
    geile event auf jeden fall

  3. Love your polka dots!! And looks like you found some fun items :D

  4. Hallo Liebes,

    wow sehr interessant :)! Sowas müsste es auch in Munich geben...Wir haben hier bald wieder einen Nachtflohmarkt...ich hoffe ich schaffe es hin zu gehen...ich liebe es dort rum zu stöbern :)!

    Dein Post vorher ist toll...toller Look...gefällt mir richtig gut :*

    Wünsch Dir eine gute Nacht Liebes!

    with love

  5. Beautiful outfit **
    Follow me if you like ♥

  6. Love your polka dot dress, and it looks like you got a big load of bargains there!
    I too rather dislike those hipper than thou hipster types, they are all such a bunch of boring clones. Don't you think hipster guys are the WORST of all though? Ugh, they are much worse than the girls.

  7. mensch ! hätte ich das mal gewusst...
    sagst du mir bescheid, wenn der nächste mädchenflohmarkt in D. ist? das wäre supeeeeeeeer.

    & danke für dein comment.


  8. bin ich auch eigentlich gar nicht ;)
    aber mein freund wohnt in dortmund.
    deshalb ist der pott sozusagen meine zweite heimat geworden :)

  9. Hach, ich liiiiiebe Mädchenflohmärkte und hoffe, dass bei uns auch schon bald wieder einer stattfindet :)

    PS: Wundervoller Blog :)

  10. I've never been to a fleamarket before, what are the chances of there being one while I'm in Dusseldorf??


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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