Monday 21 March 2011

summing up favourites #3: colour combos

Hi guys!

I've come across some really awesome colour combos in the bloggosphere lately and I'd love to share them with you because they inspire me so much.
When I'm in a good mood I love to combine some bright colours too and when I see looks like the following I want to own skirts, blouses and tights in any existing hue in the world :)

Melanie Likes and Bees With Feathers

Keiko Lynn and Night Lights

Bad Penny and bekleidet

sock monkey and gee and Monochroma.Chic

Waking Life and Fancy Fine

Wasn't this a nice little journey through the world of colours?
I'll definitely try out some of these colour combos soon - well as good as my wardrobe allows me to ;)

Have a fantastic day!

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  1. Das Outfit von Night Lights ist richtig gut! Wow.

  2. thanks for mentioning me!! :)

  3. I love colors, it probably comes as no surprise, right? I love the combination of colors that Keiko chose for her look, absolutely fabulous.

  4. I'm loving this, such a great combinations. Has be yearning for spring!

  5. spinat-schafskäsestrudel? Klingt fein :D
    ob ich gerne koche? Wenn du ein paar seiten meines blogs durchscuaust siehst du die antwort: JA! (habe ja auch noch einen kochblog damit das hier mit den ganzen essensbilder nicht die überhand nimmt xD)…
    liebe grüße

  6. thanks for mentioning me with all these beautiful ladies!! :)
    have a wonderful week love.

  7. Hallo meine Süsse,

    danke für den Haartip...ich bin heute zu meinem Friseur und habe mir einfach mal die ganze Kerastase oder wie das heisst Serie andrehen lassen... :) naja mal schauen...

    Toller Post...gleich mal einige Inspirationen für mich...danke Liebes....freu mich auf den Sommer...

    with love

  8. Ahhhhh thank you so much!:D I'm so flattered and honored that you've featured me twice on your blog :) You also have the eye for mixing colors, so this season is your season, girl ;)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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