Sunday 6 March 2011

out and about: mobile snapshots

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts, somehow I haven't been in the mood for daily posts lately. I'm still ill and so is Patrick, so due to this everlasting cough we try to stay at home and rest ourselves as much as possible. We're quite simply veeery lazy people at the moment, that's why I can't pull myself together to blog daily.
Tomorrow I'll visit a fleamarket only for girls with a friend and as it's Carnival time here in the Rhineland this (long) weekend, I'll meet some colleagues on Monday to go watch the big parade. Can't wait to dress up, I haven't done this for so long :)

Anyway, for now I have miscellaneous photos that I took with my mobile phone when I was out and about during the last weeks.


Normally our info screens for the subway say "sofort" (which means "now") when the train is about to arrive, but now in the Carnival time it says "Do zuch kütt", which is a Low German dialect expression that is normally used when you're waiting for the Carnival parade to pass. I think it's a cute idea of our public transport agency :)

my first Carnival bismarck (or as we say in German "Berliner") this year

in the city

This is where I love to take a rest when I'm out and about in the city centre. It's a little canal in the middle of our luxury shopping street, the Kö, where you can take a seat on a stone bench right in front of the water. It's a lovely place to drink your coffee and escape the hectic streets for a few minutes.

I was looking for some accessories for my Carnival costume in the H&M children's section when I came across this cute shirt. I wish it was available in my size, because Rawr meeans I love you in Dinosaur ;)

artsy fartsy

These are some of the works I photographed when I visited the open day of our art academy here in Düsseldorf.

at work

my desk

windows eastwards God how embarassing, I mean westwards of course! = best view on the sunset everyday :)

The funniest little mini banana! I laughed so hard about it, it was so cute! My colleague held up the cup to demonstrate how small this banana was.

okay, that's it with the picture-heavy post today. I'll go over to the sofa again because Patrick is playing Dead Space 2 and I don't want to miss out all the good splatter parts ;)

Have a nice day!
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  1. bless the little banana
    I love the dinosur tee, my daughter is obsessed with them at the moment
    the exhibition looks cool,

  2. Lol Carina!! The sun sets in the west....! Rawr!

  3. Ooh Mona thanks! Very embarassing! Of course the sun sets in the west! :D

  4. i love your style

  5. Sounds like a good time : )
    Hope you're all feeling better soon!

  6. Love that dino shirt - my little Rex has a variety of these kinds simply because of his name I suppose?

    The mobile shots are cool - and I want a carnival bismark! Yum.


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