Tuesday 21 December 2010

new year in sight

(photo by azraelangel @ deviantart)

Hi guys!

The new year's almost there and I'm looking back at 2010 and at how far my little blog has developed over the past months. It keeps me writing and improving my written English, it keeps me photographing and it keeps me creating new outfits with my student budget - it's so great!
And I "met" so many interesting and stylish people, well at least I met them virtually and they all inspire me so much!

So, actually I have some plans for my blog for next year to improve it:

- better photos! I love taking all sorts of photos and I hope the money I get for Christmas will be enough to finally buy a DSLR

- new design! I'm already planning a new look for my blog in my head and I hope I'll have the time to sit down and realize it between Christmas and New year's Eve

- a new name! I feel like Bad Taste Toast was a good start but as the blog has developed I'm thinking about renaming it soon. However I don't have an idea yet. Any suggestions?

- introducing other blogs! I know this feature is old hat for most other bloggers, but I haven't done this so far and I think it's about time :)

I had never thought that there would be 164 lovely readers following my blog after only 9 months, so this is amazing! You guys are amazing! Thank you :)

Here's to Bad Taste Toast 2.0 in 2011!

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  1. owww i love your blog's name!

    and after reading you blog's new years resolutions, i feel i should do some of them myself =/ especially the photos part, my blog's pictures are rubbish =/

    a toast, to bad taste toast :D

  2. Wow what a good idea to make a list of resolutions for the blog, I might do the same because it might be good to think of things to improve on! So I can't wait to see the changes and how your blog keeps developing in 2011!

  3. Good for you- makes me want to make some improvements on my little old site too. Can't wait to see what you do!

  4. I adore all your blog resolutions already! Can't wait to see all the changes. I've been having so much fun and inspiration in this blog world too!

    Have a super fine day! (:
    Sanny's Head to Heart

  5. As the new year is almost here I have thought of many goals I have, but I didn't consider about making goals for my blog. Good idea! You have some great ideas here! I look forward to whatever you come up with!

  6. Na dann bin ich mal gespannt auf die Veränderungen. Ich habe bemerkt, dass ich mich nicht nur auf Styling konzentrieren möchte, es ist doch toll, wenn man sich weiterentwickelt :-)

  7. Congrats on the followers. And I hope that you have a great time working on your blog in the upcoming year.


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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