Wednesday, 29 December 2010

we're burning down the highway skyline

Hi guys!

Aaah I feel so much better now that we're back home in our cozy little apartment after the Christmas days with the family. After events like that I always remember that I love to be alone from time to time...
We're back to our normal daily routine - well at least almost. I don't have to work, but Patrick does and I have to run so many errands and do this and that here at home. So many plans for the next days!
I want to make a DIY calendar with photos of me and Patrick like I do every year, want to clean up the apartment, want to go shopping with Mum, want to read some philosophy texts for uni, want to kill zombies with Patrick (I love this game!), ah so much to do :)
Tomorrow I'll accompany a friend of mine to a surgery because her stupid ex boyfriend doesn't want to, now that he's the ex. God, he's such a dork!

♥ dress & cardi: h&m ♥ blouse: pimkie ♥ hat: zara ♥ leggings: ergee ♥ legwarmers: gift from a friend ♥ boots: ebay ♥

This is one of my most favourite outfits ever! When I put it together in front of the mirror I was like "woah that's so me!". The funny thing about it is that it happened randomly because I wanted to wear some pieces one more time before they went into the laundry box. It's a nice feel-good look, comfy and colourful and cute and I love this floral dress anyway, it's one of my few goes-with-anything-pieces. The boots too! They're the best Ebay bargain I bought this year. Hah and I finally found this perfectly-fitting checkered blouse at Pimkie. I don't really like this brand but at least they have a realistic sizing - not like the crappy H&M button-downs that are for A cup girls, no matter if the tag says S, M or L.

♥ ring: six ♥ necklace:flufftail

Sooo New Year's Eve is drawing nearer, it's almost there! We're invited to a party at a friend's apartment and they have a theme, it's "Glamour". Ehm... maybe you might already know that I'm not glamourous at all, I mean look at my style: no glitter, no high heels, no glamour. I still don't know what to wear but I think I'll rather go for a men's wear -ish look with black pants and jacket, maybe something like this? What do you think?

And what are your plans for New Year's Eve? :)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. This outfit is so creative & fun! : )

    KF x

  2. really cool outfit! Love the dress

  3. What a fabulous cosy outfit, I love your mustard colored beanie! That DIY callendar idea sounds so good, I'd love it if you posted more about it!

  4. You look darling! I am like you, can't wait to get back to normal after the hols! You are a good friend!

  5. hey hey liebes, das mit dem Püppchen fasse ich mal als was "nettes" auf hehehe...

    Auf dem Bild siehst Du richtig hübsch & süß aus!!! Tollllll


  6. My girlfriend from work and I were just looking for some NYE inspiration, and we liked this dress, and I think you would rock it!! 'specially with your sexy eyeliner ;) And it looks awesome on the models non A cup chest ;)
    what do you think?!?

  7. Ja ich denke mir auch immer die Sachen aus der Dividedabteilung bei H&M sind was für Mädels ohne Busen. ^^ Ich glaube ich hatte das Kleid bei Pimkie auch anprobieren wollen, aber es gab meine Größe nicht mehr :-(

  8. der ring ist so schön!

  9. I loove this look on you, and I totally agree that it's just so you! As for New Years a men's wear inspired look can still be glam :) Hope you figure it out!


  10. Really cute outfit! In love with the ring, is six a local store there?
    Anyway, following your blog, & it would be great if you could check out mine :)

  11. Aww I love your ring, it's so cute! You look lovely in the floral print! x

  12. Lovely colors, and such a cute print on the dress!



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