Friday, 31 December 2010

final countdown

Japanese fireworks over Düsseldorf (photo by Volker Banken)

Hi guys!

Funniest dialogue today

Me: "You wanna go outside and have a smoke?"
Patrick: " In a second, I just have to frisk these corpses for ammo."

Haha, he was playing Red Dead Redemption on his PS3. Just imagine someone had heard this! Yes, we might seem like the nice couple next-door, but we have dark secrets... :D

Anyway, so that was 2010 guys. I'll spend the last hours of this year on baking cake and on getting dolled up for the theme party at a friend's. I bought a pretty blazer in the sale yesterday especially for it and I hope the outfit will turn out glamourous enough, I'm just not apt at glamour.

So here is a kind of little recap with what happenened in my life 2010 mixed with some of my favourite outfits:

outfit post "starting something"

In March I finally had the guts to start this blog here and it's unbelievable how it has developed so far! At first I felt intimidated and had my doubts because I didn't have a good camera and no idea of how and what and where, but I'm extremely glad I kept on blogging! It was new to me and exciting and it's one of the few things in my life that I didn't give up on due to lacking ambition.

outfit post "my birthday - I'm 24 now"

In April I passed one of the most important exams for my philosophy studies! I think it was my best moment in 2010 when I saw the results, it was such a relief! I had failed this logic exam two times before and this year was my very last try to succeed, which put me under enormous pressure. If I had failed three times my philosophy studies would have been over and as I love philosophy so much I just didn't want to let this happen.
This was another one of these few times that I didn't give up like I normally do when something appears impossible to me.
In May I turned 24, wow time flies, sometimes I feel so old. Where have the good old times gone when you couldn't wait to grow up? Ah, melancholy... ;)

outfit post "mini festival tour"

In the summer months I had problems to put together nice outfits - like every year. Two minutes outside in the sun and I sweat like hell, so this year's hot summer really challenged me. But I discovered my love for jodhpur pants because of the crazy hot weather and so I was able to stay cool and comfortable in the heat without having to wear short pants (I begrudgingly have to admit that my legs are still a weak point).

outfit post "waiting for gina"

In September/October my Mum moved away from the little village where I grew up, it was pretty emotional for me because I spent the first 20 years of my life there. The house was sold and we had this big house move, packed boxes, sorted out things, went to the fleamarket and sold pieces of our old life. On the one hand it was sad, but on the other hand it was time for my Mum to move on 5 years after the divorce.

outfit post "colour me happy"

The last two months weren't so exciting, I had to work a lot and do stuff for uni.
The winter highlight was my 8th anniversary with Patrick on December the 14th, wow 8 years is a long time but it doesn't feel like that at all. Oh btw we're not married and don't plan to ;)

Ah it's nice to look back at the last 9 months, blogging has really become way more than a hobby. It keeps me going like nothing ever did before. As I said, I'm a procrastinator, I'm someone who gives up too fast, but blogging has changed these habits a bit and I hope the change will go on.

Thanks to all my lovely readers, to everyone who took the time to read and comment! I love how blogging enables me to get to know so many wonderful people!
I hope you'll all still be there in 2011! I promise I won't give up on this here ;)

Have lots of fun tonight! Happy new year to you all!!! 2011 will be great!
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  1. I just can't get enough of your amazing pictures and outfits, you are so one of the best. Will never stop admiring your style! Glad that 2010 is such a wonderful year to you and I know 2011 will be even greater for all of us!

    Hahah.. I was a little shocked when I read about your conversation with Patrick before reading the PS3. You got me!

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  2. I am in love with all of these looks..
    BUT, my favorite is the yellow cardigan with elbow patches!!!
    Have a Happy New Year! <3

  3. I hope 2011 will be yet another year of great outfits and happy moments for you!

    You know, I'm turning 20 in Febuary and for me this feels REALLY "old"! My biggest fear about getting older is not being able to wear nice clothes anymore, like I dread the day when I won't be able to go into certain shops with clothes I like because they will look too young on me...that's what makes me scared of getting older!

    Anyway darling I hope you have a fun NYE night, I can't wait to see the outfit you wore to the party :D
    Lots of love

  4. aw you're so cute & congratulations on the 8 year anniversary! that is definitely great news! My BF & I hit the 8 month mark just recently ;)

    I hope you & your boyfriend had a great new years eve! Theme parties are fun! maybe you'll post the outfit you wore?

  5. Ich wünsche Dir ein Frohes Neues Jahr!!!
    Dein Kleidchen was du an deinem Geburtstag getragen hast ist einfach wunderschön. Du siehst aber immer bezaubernd aus. Bleib so.

  6. Danke für deinen Glückwunsch. Ich wünsche dir auch, wenn auch verpätet, ein frohes neues Jahr !

  7. my goodness, 8 years!? you are a patient lady!

  8. dein geburtstagsoutfit ist wunderschön! Happy New Year :)

  9. thanks for reading my blog <3<3 happy new year to you too!

  10. Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy 2011! x

  11. Ich wünsche dir auch ein gesundes,neues Jahr.
    Es gibt zum Anfang ein klitze kleines Feature bei mir ^^ Ich hoffe das geht i.O.

  12. You have such fun style, love it!

  13. you look so boho in your mini festival tour outfit


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