Monday 6 December 2010

Another "pretty things" post

Hi guys!

It's about time for another one of my pretty-things-I-found-when-browsing-DaWanda posts today :)

I know, I know it's almost Christmas and everyone's (nearly) broke, but hey me too. So let's just admire and dream of these:

1. The "Myrea" pixie crown headband from Miss Cherry Blossom
Isn't it magical? After winter will come spring...

2, The "Wool Puff Paste Sleeves Coat" from Lizi
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I especially love this kind of shawl collar!

3. The "Leaves Collection wrapping paper" from Smil
Eventhough fall is over (at least here in Germany) I still love to see fallen leaves :)

4. The "Vintage Owls scarf" from Pension
As you might already know: I ♥ anything that has owls on it!

5. "Paperdoll El Luchador" from White Monkey
How cool! I've never had a weightlifter paperdoll when I was younger!

6. "Book Wall Lamp" from Royal Wings
Oh my God, I wish I had this on the wall over my bed!

7. "Rawwr means... shirt" from Cute MonstR
Tihihih cute! :D

8. "Booty Pouch Bag" from AlbinoBerlin
Aw pretty! I want! A girl can never own enough bags anyway!

Hope you enjoyed this little wishlist.
Have a great day!

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  1. Sehr schöne Dinge. So eine "Buchlampe" sieht richtig klasse aus.

    Das Licht strahlt so eine Gemütlichkeit aus, perfekt für die Weihnachtszeit! ( und natürlich auch für die anderen Jahreszeiten)

    We have a shared love of owls then...
    That is actually amazing. Little cartoon owls! I think I'm in love.
    And uh wow, that book lamp is the best thing I've seen in a while!

  3. Happy Monday Carina :(
    So many great things on your list!
    Love the book light, wonder if you could make one with Christmas lights?

    gi gi

  4. I super admire your taste! I fall in love with your list already! I wonder if Dawanda does International shipping, I really want that "Myrea" pixie crown headband! It's so pretty!

    Have a sparkling day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  5. Ohhh I'm glad you posted this because making one of those flower headbands has been on my to do list for weeks now but I keep forgetting to go out and buy fake flowers! I've been admiring ones like the one in the picture you posted for ages but they are so expensive, something crazy like 40 English pounds for $5 worth of fake flowers and glue, crazy!!!

  6. I love that coat and owl scarf!! I hate how expensive this time of year is! But, I will keep those things in mind for later!!

  7. *gg* Das Dino-Shirt ist ja so süss!

  8. great wishlist Carina! As you said, just because we can't buy anything doesn't mean we can't enjoy looking and wishing for them ;)

  9. Hi meine Liebe,

    na wie gehts Dir???
    Kannst Du dich noch an mich erinnern?
    Fashionistka? Ich musste leider aus beruflichen Gründen meinen Blog löschen aber weißt Du was...ich kann nicht ohne bloggen.,..ich brauch das!!!

    Ich verfolge Dich natürlich :)! würde mich freuen wenn du mich auch verfolgst....ich hoffe mein neuer Blog gefällt Dir????

    Achso übrigens ich habe immer wieder Deinen Blog gelesen...ich liebe ihn.


  10. Everything is lovely...I am off to take a peek at the owl scarf...I am thinking a Christmas present for my daughter if it is not too late...hugs and love for a great day. xoxoxoxo

  11. How amazing is that headband! Ah I want it soo bad.


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