Sunday, 5 December 2010

houston we have a camera problem

Hi guys!

I am so lazy this weekend! I slept in, took my time for looong breakfasts, played Professor Layton or Donkey Kong Country Returns (it's finally out now, I love this game) while lying in bed. I was too lazy to blog or to even take photos for some upcoming blogposts! It was so nice to bum around and have nothing special to do.

You know why it came so far? My camera is such a crappy piece of sh**! I believe it must be broken somehow, maybe it fell down too often or something?
Look at the photo above. That's what it does! That's what the photos look like on a day with normal lighting conditions! I hate it, it always gets me so frustrated that I don't wanna take outfit pics anymore.

Funnily enough it only does that in the selftimer mode! When I'm taking pictures of something myself they turn out okay. Anyone an idea what's wrong with my cam? Any professional advice? My cam is a Samsung S 1060 digital cam.

Hopefully I'll get enough money for Christmas so I can buy a DSLR...

I ♥ snow!

new hat is from Six

my hair after taking off my hat :D

So please excuse the poor quality of the pics, I'm actually thinking of taking an outfit-pictures-break until Christmas because of this camera disaster. But I'm not sure yet if I should really surrender to a piece of electronics?!
Ah well, we'll see.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Oh and btw: what camera do YOU use?
Any recommendations what DSLR to buy with my Christmas money?
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  1. Hi! I'm Marta, from Spain.
    I saw your photos, and they are amazing!!
    I use a sony nex-3's camera, it's the best.
    If you want you can see my photos on my blog.
    would you like see my blog?

  2. Ich habe mir vor Jahren die Canon EOS 350D gekauft. Damals waren die Spiegelreflexkameras noch richtig, richtig teuer. Aber die Anschaffung habe ich bis heute definitiv nicht bereut.

  3. my camera does that all the time, i always wait till its slightly darker in order to take pics outside =)

  4. Ahhh nooo! Poor camera :(
    Hmm, Nikon do realllyyyy good SLR camera. I use a Nikon D40, I did a photography placement for art class and the photographer told me that he loved Nikon' and they're super easy to use!
    I love doneky kong!!! I really want to go play now... haha
    have a really super day

  5. Fun layering. :)

    xx Love & Aloha
    ***I'm hosting a Jeffrey Campbell Giveaway! Come enter!! :)

  6. hmm.sorry keine ahnung wieso das passiert.ok, bin keine allzu grosse hilfe fuer dich XD

    aber ist ja so schone,dass ihr schon schnee habt!


  7. Cute! Love the hat, looks nice and warm which s always good in these chilly winter months! Sally x

  8. hahahahahah such a funny title :D:D love it...
    love the layering in your outfit!! :))
    jesus, here where I live it rains and snow yet, it started to snow a few times, but it didn't stay... :(( weeeh...


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