Friday 10 December 2010


Hi guys!

Let me forecast what I'll get for Christmas today!
No I won't lie to you... I already know what I'll get for Christmas.
Well, this year Patrick and I told each other our Christmas wishes, so I bought him a Dingoo A320 and he bought me this:

the Fjäll Räven Vintage Shoulder Bag

(picture taken from

Aw I love it, can't wait for Christmas!

Fjäll Räven is a Swedish outdoor brand, they mostly sell these superwarm outdoor jackets, trekking backpacks and tents and all, but they also have these awesome everyday bags and mini backpacks that are pretty popular here in Germany at the moment. Their logo is this cute little fox :)

I normally buy vintage bags or 2nd hand or from thrift shops, so this one will be my first non-2nd hand high quality bag since have my parents bought me my first Eastpak back when I was 14 or so.
I'm so looking forward to finally having a proper big bag for uni.

What will you get for Christmas?

P.S. I apologize in advance for probably not being able to respond to your all of your lovely comments before Sunday (the weekend is packed with nice events, I'll tell you more about it tomorrow).

Have a great day!

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  1. sounds like the perfect exchange. if only i could get my hubby to play along. i have a list and he so better adhere to it .. OR ELSE!! haha:) merry Christmas!

  2. So happy for your NEW bag :) Good job Patrick!
    Not sure what I will get, no one has asked, ah ha ha!
    I did get the most thoughtful, lovely gift in the mail today from a beautiful bloggie friend! YAY, it made my day!
    Glad you are having a great week!
    gi gi

  3. I love the logo! I got a bag for Christmas (I already picked it out ;-) My husband has trouble shopping for me!)

  4. Love that bag! How nice you got what you wished for!
    I don't know what I'm will be a surprise I guess!


  5. That is a very pretty bag. I'm incredibly jealous, I did the stupid thing of picking a nice pretty bag for school, rather than one that fits everything I need AND is nice and pretty.
    You've done both! It's so cute you and Patrick got each other what you asked for, it's so thoughtful!
    Have a lovely weekend

  6. you're right, the little fox is the CUTEST! I still don't know what i'm getting for christmas! it's really exciting though, I always try and squeeze out information out of people, but I always fail though =/
    But yesterday my boyfriend daid "ow, one of your games has been dispatched" so i'm guessing he's getting me some xbox goodies! :D


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