Thursday 2 December 2010

christmas deco + gift shopping

Hi guys!

I'm sorry, I wanted to write a quick post yesterday but when I came back home from all the Christmas shopping I felt so exhausted. Freezing cold outside (I'm not complaining!), warm and sticky in the shops (now I'm complaining), the city overcrowded with people that push each other from the carousel to the wine punch stand and back again... oh it's tough.

Back home I ordered all the presents I didn't get in the city online to avoid another day full of Christmas shopping terror.
And I dug out our Christmas deco, here are some photos:

My Dad, his girlfriend and my Mum's boyfriend all want a nice and cozy scarf for Christmas, so I thought I could try to find some on Ebay. Search criteria "only new items" and "only buy-it-now", score! I found scarves for all three :)
My Mum always wants jewelry because she likes my taste in necklaces for her. I didn't find something in the shops anyway, so I looked through some DaWanda shops and found a necklace, a bracelet and matching earrings - everything handmade, Mum will definitely like that!

Now only a present for my best friend is missing, but I already have an idea. However I won't tell you about it because she takes a look at my blog from time to time ;)

I haven't put up so much deco because we won't be in our apartment over the Christmas holidays anyway. But this cute knick-knack will make pleasant anticipation come up :)

Tomorrow I'll finally have some photos with snow for you!
Have a lovely day!
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  1. sehr schöne Weihnachtsdeko. Die zwei roten Elche stehen bei mir auch!:-)

  2. Aww! All of your decorations are so sweet and wholesome, they are simply adorable and look so in place in your apartment!
    Buying presents online is a great idea, but I've had some bad expieriences lately, there seem to be a lot of fake sellers on Ebay preying on those of us who want to do some of our Christmas online...

  3. Yes, I've recieved your package on the mail! So excited about everything (i'm already using the keychain and everything!)

    will make a post about it soon definitely!

  4. Oh my gosh, you found such amazing gifts! I love how great they all look together too - makes me very excited for the holidays!

  5. You have such lovely Christmas decorations! They are so unique. Love the photos :]

  6. How adorable! I basically admire all your picks in decoration! I only get some window and door decorations because I'm too lazy to dig in more and ALL stores are packed and stuffy, I got so uncomfortable with such surrounding. Too bad for me lol

    Have a delightful day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart


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