Wednesday, 8 December 2010

let there be colour

Hi guys!

Yesterday was the first day for weeks now that I was home before it was getting dark, so I snapped at the chance and took photos of two outfits I had worn some days ago. Hm now you may think I'm crazy, but I don't mind, I was just so happy that my camera didn't have its overexposure-problem again and that the photos turned out normal. Finally another outfit post, woohoo :)

parka: vero moda, cardi: vintage via ebay, dress + jeans + belt: h&m, boots: ebay, necklace: blanc et caramel

This is what I wore yesterday to run errands. We didn't have much snow left after the temperature had climbed up to plus degrees again, so I was able to wear the fake uggs without getting wet feet. I was so sad to see how all the pretty snow melted away... but today it began snowing heavily again! Big fluffy snowflakes, I love it!
This cute cardi is a vintage find from Ebay, it was a real bargain - 3 Euro! I'm so into armpatches on cardis lately, they remind me of my childhood when my Mum hat to sew patches on the holes in my clothes :)

These photos made me realize how much weight I've gained in the past few months, I remember my legs looked much better about half a year ago... I always feel like when I gain weight it goes straight to my thighs and tummy, which sucks because it makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable in my tight jeans. Unfortunately the recent weather situation makes it hard to avoid pants and switch over to only wearing skirts.
I've already been trying to eat healthier, but to make this whole eating habits control easier I'll start to keep a food diary. Does anyone have experience with this and knows if it works?
I think it's a good way to get an overview about what I eat throughout the day, because I often eat snacks unconsciously and later I forget about them.
As soon as my old gym contract expires, I'll go to a new gym just across the street, which will make things much easier too.

Well, I skipped uni today - I suck, I know :( - and now I have a guilty conscience, so I will at least get dressed and go out to run some more errands. Furthermore I want to walk through the big fluffy snow flakes :)

Have a great day!

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  1. Dein Pulli ist süß und die Schuhe sehen warm und gemütlich aus. Genau was man bei diesem Wetter braucht!

  2. i love colourful outfits during wintertime! they always cheer me up! and your necklace *drools*

    funny you mention the food diary, my dad has one.
    He has diabetes but he's quite big, so he had to start a diet. So now he always writed down what he eats, and at the end of the week he sorts out what he should or should not have eaten.
    He also started a wierd diet where his dish is mostly vegetables and he goes for an hour walk in the morning and in the afternoon.

    So far i think he lost a few pounds, but if you want more details on what he's doing i can ask him (it was recommended by his doctor, so it's definitely not bad for your health)

  3. Schoen, dass deine Kamera wieder funktioniert!

    Ich hab dass mit der food diary zwar selber noch nicht probiert, hab aber von vielen gehoert dass es wirklich hilft.

  4. I used a food diary and I did think it worked! Mainly because I was in the habit of writing down what I ate, so when I was going for something unhealthy I became more aware of what I was doing.
    I adore your cardigan! elbow pads are so lovely, they make me feel so nostalgic!
    You look lovely as ever, have a lovely day

  5. i like your hair

  6. Too cute, and I love the red lipstick, too! XX!

  7. hey echt süßer blog hier deine jacke gefällt mir total gut!!


  8. Die Schuhe sind zu niedlich! So schön kuschelig.

  9. Honestly, next winter I am going to study your outfits really well to make sure I don't freeze! I really love how you layer everything so stylishly without looking like a cabbage! Last winter my "layering" was sooo bad, I'd wear some stupid tiny dress under a big coat and wonder why I'm still freezing...I'm silly like that :P

    I think your idea of a food diary is great, post a link if you end up making a food diary blog! I have been wanting to make a food diary blog but what I eat tends to be soooooooo boring and repetitive that I don't think anyone would read mine...but perhaps a food diary is a good way to learn to create new healthy recipies? Hmmm...
    Also, I am really self concious about my weight. Before I made my current blog I had another blog and so many people harrassed me about my weight! Women my age and women my mothers age even, it was awful, so now I have developed anxiety over eating things and taking blog photos can make me really depressed because I always have that fear that I will get mean comments about my weight like I did on my old blog.

    Oh, and I'd love to give you a good tip about the gym thing. Instead of going to gym which is expensive and can be a waste of money if you're too busy to go everyday, I bought Wii fit! You've said on your blogs that you like games, well Wii fit can be a really really fun way to work out and it works so well, and buying it will save you money in the long run. The best thing about using Wii fit to do excersize is that you don't have to leave the house and can do excersize in your pjammas. Hope this helps!

  10. Cool site!
    I'm loving that necklace- gorgeous!

  11. I love that cardigan! The colors are so bright and fun!


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