Thursday, 23 December 2010

pre-christmas packing

Hi guys!

Today I finally faced it: I packed my suitcase for the next 5 days.
I really hate it when I have to decide what to wear in advance because my outfits depend on my mood an how the hell can I know what my mood will be like the day after tomorrow??
So you are officially allowed to call me insane now that I tell you I spent the last three hours in front of the bedroom mirror trying out different combos haha. Well insanity can sometimes be likeable right? Can it? Please?

parka: vero moda ♥ circle scarf, jeans, cardi, belt: h&m ♥ skirt worn as dress: vintage ♥ boots: ebay

So here's my plan: tomorrow I'll be out and about a lot (uni, university hospital, trainride to my Mum's place) so I'll wear exactly the same outfit like today, the one from the photos. I wear outfits like this a lot, they're what I call my scheme: jeans, tunic, cardi, boots. That's a perfect combo for everyday.
I've planned something chic for Christmas Eve, something rather casual for the 25th and something rather chic again for the 26th. Hopefully I'll be able to take many photos ;)

scrabble necklace: glamglassgifts ebay shop, belt: h&m

So what are your activity and/or outfit plans for Christmas guys? Any ideas yet? I'm curious :)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. was für ein schickes outfit ! ich hätte nie gedacht, dass tierprints kombiniert mit blumen soooo toll aussehen können ! das bringt mich richtig in frühlingsstimmung.

  2. That doesn't sound crazy at all- I do the same thing, except I'm not good at doing it in advance so I just end up taking forever to get dressed for special occasions!
    I am loving that cardi with that dress! awesome!

  3. I love the clashing prints- they work so well. I really love the belt on the dress, it suits you so so much.
    I totally envy you, I have to plan what i'm going to wear because I literally can never ever decide.
    Have fun while you're away!

  4. my outfit for christmas will be... JAMMIES! haha it's the one present i always get in advance cause it feels so right opening presents in cozy clothes!

    and btw, i went through that exact same thing last week. and i really hate what i brought home. I'm exactly the same, i wear what i feel like on the moment, i really cant plan outfits ahead haha

    hope you have a good time while you're away!

  5. and i just read your comment on my blog haha silly me

    its funny you said that, because that was the reaction my best friend had: "if that was her world you'd have to give her a shotgun, a batmobile and a green lantern ring among the flowers and apples!"
    haha i suppose i'm a bit of a walking contradition ^^

  6. Ohhh I do the exact same thing and then end up not liking anything I've packed, it's terrible!
    Hope you have a wonderful and delicious Christmas, can't wait to see photos!

    Lots of love

  7. how much fun. Love the combination you chose. I'm the same way though, I do it all by mood and sometimes in the A.M. I try on like three or four outfits before I find the right one.

  8. Your blog is so charming!!! I like it dear)))

  9. Trust me you are by no means insane for trying everything on while you pack! I'm the exact same way, I absolutely hate picking out my clothes that far in advance!!

    Anyway, I love the pattern combinations!! And that purple scarf looks so cozy! You look fantastic.

  10. Oh das Kleid ist toll, richtig farbenfroh und fröhlich. Ich weiß auch noch nicht, was ich anziehen soll. Ich feiere Weihnachten zu Hause mit meiner Familie, aber schick machen möchte ich mich trotzdem. Wird wohl wieder etwas Schwarzes werden, wie jedes Jahr :-)

    Ich wünsch Dir schöne Feiertage!

  11. You look very cute in that outfit, and I love the florals and animal print combo.. something new for me to try out ;) I dress for my mood, but I'm a planner so I have outfits planned in my head all the time. And yes my Christmas outfit is all planned out (and so is my outfit for New year' you're not the only one witht the insanity bug!!)

    Have a wonderful christmas lovely

  12. Kleid und hose ist immer gut. Ich bin 10 tage lang bei mienen eltern and Dave und ich haben uns einen Koffer geteilt wegen ryanair, also habe ich nur ganz langweilinges zeug gepackt um so wenig playt wie moeglich zu verbrauchen. Ausser fuer morgen abend, da wird es rot und schwarz!

    Frohe Weihnachten!

  13. die kombi ist echt super. hätte ich nicht gedacht :)

  14. blumen print mit leo - ich liebe es!


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