Monday, 12 July 2010

rummage, deco and other impressions

Hi guys!

I have to apologize for my little hiatus again. And I have to explain that it was another heat hiatus (35 degrees Celsius)...
Unfortunately the weather has been excelling itself again since last weekend (no positive undertone here), so I'm totally desperate when it comes to putting together an outfit in the mornings. I've been dressing like a nerd the last days because I didn't care much about the look but more about the airiness of the clothes. Sorry, no outfit posts until tomorrow.

You might remember that I missed out the last big Radschlägermarkt fleamarket last month because my wallet was stolen before I got there. Well, today I went there again (and my wallet isn't gone) to compensate that I missed it in June.
Despite the exhausting weather I roamed around the central market area for several hours, found bargains, marveled at little treasures and didn't complain about the burning sun at all. Shopping makes me even forget about the heat...that's why I discovered a nice sunburn on my neck when I came home.

Anyway, here are some impressions of the fleamarket (I noticed my mobile makes pretty good photos):

This fluffy horse looked so crestfallen, I hope it has found a new owner by now.

My feet hurt from walking along the endless rows.

What an adorable picnic basket!

I used to have a such a rocking horse when I was little. :)

There were also inside stands, so I could enjoy some shadow.

What a wonderful antique treasure: an old tram paying machine thingy
(I don't even know the German word for this, much less the English one).

I fell in love with this sideboard but it was too expensive.

The sewing box and the old suitcase caught my eye, too.

I found some lovely pieces for my vintage shop and a beautiful new deco object for our living room. On my way home I also bought a flower for the new mini vase that I snatched at Ikea yesterday.

Let me introduce you Phlox.
I didn't know these flowers before, but they're so cute cause they look like these candies you get at fairs or like the roofs of these old horse carousels. :)

The new Phlox flower in the new Ikea mini vase on our new Ikea bread box. ;)

This is my best find today: a teak wood crane statue that matches the deer I bought last month.
They both decorate our living-room cupboard now.

Last but not least: our new placemats (I love Ikea's floral designs so much).

I hope you like this little deco/inspiration post.
I'll prepare an outfit post for tomorrow and promise I'll try to put together more not-so-nerdy outfits for the upcoming hot days next week ;)

Now it's time for the world cup finals! I'll join Patrick on the sofa in a minute.
Good luck Netherlands!!! :)

Have a nice day!
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  1. Looks like a fun place! I love the little vase you bought! I love milk glass. You can never have too much milk glass in my opinion!

  2. Thanks so much honey for the support! Too bad, but hé we had a lot of fun anyway :))
    Love the pictures of the flea market.


  3. thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog! sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to them all, but I do appreciate them. that flea market looks awesome and I love those phlox flowers, I didn't know they existed either but they're cute! That sideboard is gorgeous, you should've gotten it!

  4. Heyaah.. :)
    Nice blog !
    If you're interested, my blog is about fashion and there are articles about my videos and photos @Fashion Week in Paris.
    Sixtine (L). xx

  5. Wow! I love that picnic basket! I feel like every time I comment I talk about the weather but it really is so unbelievably hot.
    And I have the same Ikea vase!! :D

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