Thursday 29 July 2010

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Hi guys!

At the moment I don't seem to make it to update the blog as often as I wish to. Somehow everything has been so exhausting for the last few days. Okay I had an important exam (which went alright as far as I can say), but apart from that nothing unusual has happened. Nevertheless I feel pretty tired when I come home in the evening.
I think next week will be better again. Until then I show you some pics of what I bought/did:

I finally found a cute jewelry rack to organize all the necklaces that were lying around on my dresser :)

Bought these three books in the sale and can't wait to read them.
I already started with Hemingway :)
left to right: "616 - All Is Hell" by David Zurdo (a mystery thriller - I'm a freak, I know), "Rory & Ita" by Roddy Doyle (after I loved to read his famous "The Commitments" I had to buy this story about his parents), "True At First Light" by Ernest Hemingway (a fictional memoir about his time in Africa)

I love deer prints on shirts! I was so happy to find this colourful one at a skateshop sale!

I enjoyed lots of lemon-flavoured green tea because it's the perfect weather to drink refreshing green tea (I'm a lazy tea drinker, I always use tea bags. Real tea fans would probably stone me for doing this, I know).

Bought this cute little boat at a deco shop (it cost me ridiculous 95 Cents)...

... and put it on the bathroom windowsill to accompany our duck radio :)

Bought some delicious handmade bio bread from Hinkel, the probably oldest and best bakery in Düsseldorf. They have so many different recipes, traditional and fancy ones. The one I bought is a Franciscan bread, a wholemeal bread with a twist of beer in it! Of course it doesn't taste like beer and you don't get drunk, but it has a very special taste. Ah, I love our German bread culture :)

Accessorize sale - I always find at least one item that I absolutely want to buy.
I snatched a bow alice band, a pretty necklace (hard to see on the pic), a polkadot scarf and this adorable birdy tote!

Have a lovely day :)
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  1. cute cute cute stuff! I love the jewelry stand/rack. It's very useful and a great decoration piece ;) And love the birdie tote. Too cute to pass on :)

  2. Oh i know what you mean. I've not been making a lot of posts either. Anyway, you did some great shopping. That bread looks lovely, ilove German bread.
    Have a happy day.


  3. I love your jewelry rack! Too cute. You have so many great buys! And I love green tea...with lemon sounds great!

  4. Very very good finds! I am in love with the little boat AND the tote bag. Can't wait to see some of your other posts...

  5. Hihi ich trinke auch viel Tee, aber eben auch meistens aus Beuteln ^^
    Bin ein Fan von englischem Tee. :-)

  6. german bread is the bomb! :)

  7. Loooove the little jewlery rack, I want something like that, at the moment I've been hanging all of my necklaces over the pictures on my wall :P


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