Thursday 8 July 2010

perfect jodhpur pants reloaded

Hi guys!

Remember when I showed you these perfect jodhpur pants I found the other day? Well, they're marked down now, so I also bought them in black. Ah Mr. Shopping God thank you for letting me get these awesome pants for 10 Euro less now. As I told you before: they're so cool and feel so comfy, almost like pyjama pants. What more can I ask for?

pants: new yorker, shirt + cardi: zara, belt + shoes: thrifted,
jewelry + alice band: accessorize

So here's my attempt on styling the pants in black: I thought it would be nice to wear the same shirt that I wore to the khaki ones and see how it works. Then I added my new comfortable studded flats (for the inflamed foot), a light cardi and some accessories, et voilà the black pants look.
I know it's not very creative to style these pants similar to the others, but this look made me feel really good today and was perfectly comfy for uni, so I think that's the most important thing about an outfit right?

I also have this new personal favourite mini trend of knotting t-shirts. I have some shirts that make me look like a dork because they're too long (or I'm too short) or they're too loose-fitting. So either I look like wearing a not flattering dress or I simply look fat. Well, knotting them on one side turned out as the best solution for these problem shirts: the knot makes them a little more slim-fitting and/or shortens them. Furthermore it gives every outfit a relaxed summery touch. At least that's what I think because it reminds me of beach wear like a knotted pareo or something.

Hm what else? Well, I spent the whole day on campus, so nothing really exciting happened, but to show you something more about my day I put together this collage with Photoshop.
I hope you like it :)

Alright, now I have to keep my fingers crossed for our German soccer team! The game will be so exciting!

But actually I don't have to wish them luck cause I know they'll will win! :)

Adiós España!

Damn, it's over for Germany, I'm so sad :-(
From now on I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our neighbours the Netherlands! ;)

Have a lovely day guys!

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  1. hey liebes...gehts Dir gut`?

    Wem gehört das zimmer im hintergrund? Das is supertoll eingerichtet...

    Süsses Outfit ;)))

    <3 schönen Abend noch

  2. Great outfit! The pants do look comfortable and I love your shoes!! The headband is cute too!

  3. adorable, it looks great with the shoes too!

  4. I love your bookshelf :) I can't wait till we get an Ikea here!! Then maybe I will have something as fresh and stylish as yours. I have so many books with no homes :(
    Sucks about Germany losing.... boo. Oh well.

  5. Just found your blog<3 Loving that tank!

    XO Lynz

  6. Wonderful pants darling, they really do look so comfortable and very very chic!
    Also I love how your apartment looks in the background of the photos, the Pulp Fiction poster is awesome :D

  7. ooo love ur pants! they do look quite comfy! i hope the soft pant trend stays awhile:)

  8. Great find on the trousers. I love having comfy and breezy clothes during the summer months when it's so easy to over-heat!

    Sorry about Germany and I love your flat. It's very cute!

  9. first of all - comeback kid YAYYYY lol
    (i was actually hoping germany would win =/ i'm not fond of spain LOL)

    you styled those trousers perfectly. you made it look so easy and relaxed! kudos!

  10. and i just realised i wasnt following your blog O_o
    (sorry for the 3 comments lol)

  11. Those pants are so cute and flattering! I was in Germany for the last world cup! I'm not into soccer at all but I got so into it because all the Germans were so excited!

    Also, a few blog entries ago you mentioned Zara's small small sizes. I haven't really been to Zara but I few days ago they were having a giant sale so I went in to try some things on and OH GOD THE SIZES ARE SO SMALL. It's ridiculous! I couldn't even get into medium shorts!

  12. tolles outfit. besonders das shirt und die schuhe :)
    liebe grüße

  13. Love your outfit and your hair so much ♥


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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