Tuesday 13 July 2010

concert monday

Hi guys!

This is my first pre-written autmatically published post that posts itself while I'm not at home.
I promised you an outfit post yesterday, so today you see what I wore last Tuesday. I didn't have time to upload the pictures until now, so here you are :)

While you are reading this I'm on a pretty cool concert over in Cologne. Neither my German readers nor my international readers will know the band:

They are a wee bit special because their music is a mix of rock/metal with crazy keyboard melodies and lots of funny samples and completely insane but good and critical lyrics. You can go and check out their myspace site if you're interested. I can imagine German songs must sound pretty strange to Non-Germans :)
I bet the concert will be awesome! And it's only 8 Euro! The only problem could be the heat but we'll see.

skirt: ebay, shirt: h&m, cardi: zara, tights + bag + necklace: accessorize, shoes + belt: thrifted

About the outfit: it's something I put together in pure despair about the weather. An airy skirt, a simple shirt and a little cardi to protect my shoulders from the sun. And then the shoes: normally I wouldn't wear high heels on superhot days because I find it exhausting enough to walk around in flats. But my inflamed foot was hurting so bad that I had to put on some shoes that are wide enough so that they wouldn't excoriate my heel. Funnily enough these wedges were the only shoes that felt comfortable on my feet on this day, so I walked around almost completely pain-free.

Alright, as I'm basically not even at home now, that's it for today :)
More about the concert soon.

Happy Monday all!
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  1. I love the mix of patterns in this look!

  2. I love that skirt! And the pin stripe tights and the t-strap shoes! It's so vintage looking. LOVE it!

  3. der rock ist wunderschön!
    ich hoffe du hattest spaß beim konzert,
    liebe grüße :)

  4. Huge fan of that skirt and tights. Oh and those shoes! Really love this outfit ! <3

  5. Der Rock ist süß. Könnte mir den auch gut zusammen mit einem roten Gürtel vorstellen, so im 50s Style.

  6. You look so cute in that outfit. Totally in love with that skirt it's airy, feminine and fabulous! Hope you had a lovely and super fun time at the concert :)

  7. Love the tights, love the skirt......isn't the post options a great feature?

  8. ich find deine schuhe toll...
    cooles outfit :-)

  9. Hope you are having fun! I love the polka dot skirt....xoxo

  10. love the 'airy' skirt and the shoooeeesss <3 wedge heels are always comfortable :)


  11. love this look! very vintage :)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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