Monday, 5 July 2010

banana cornflakes

Hi guys!

I didn't have a good idea for the title, so I chose what I had for lunch.

Anyway, the day before yesterday I felt very inspired by this outfit from Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky. Well, actually each and every single one of her outfits inspires me, but this one especially because of the genuine pattern mix she's got going on in it.
I wasn't able to put together a proper floral-floral-mix, but I tried it out with florals and checkered and I think it worked pretty well because of the soft colours. Then I didn't want to experiment around, so I simply added what I always add when there's no other idea: brown. Furthermore these flats and the belt are some of my all time favourites :)

shirt: h&m, skirt: c&a, belt: vintage, shoes: thrifted, necklace: claire's, bangle: accessorize

Oh and finally I have a new wallet! Maybe you remember that my old one was stolen some weeks ago (with everything in it of course, awesome...), so that I had to carry around all my newly applied cards and IDs and God knows what else in a tiny purse that I normally use for my mobile. I was so afraid of getting pinched again when having all my belongings in one and the same little purse. Luckily it didn't happen and now I have this lovely new Primark (via Ebay) wallet.

cuteee :)

with a picture of Patrick in it of course

As everything in this post seems to focus on floral patterns and pattern mixing I thought it would be nice to collect some more inspiration by showing you pattern mixing outfits of some of my favourite bloggers:

Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Colour mixing different florals to a wonderful vintage look.

Eva of Eve's Eden in a lovely florals 'n stripes combo.

Lily of Llymlrs rocking a leo/polkadots look.

A superchic mix of stripes and dots on Kristy of mon-o-chro-ma-chic.

Annebeth of The Styling Dutchman combines her awesome striped wedges with a polkadots dress.

It's summer and everything is colourful, so why not try to mix different colours and patterns more often? That's what I'll try.

Have a great day! :)
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  1. thanks so much for featuring me! I love your printmix, very cute and girly!

  2. Der Rock ist soooo süß.

  3. Love the florals! have a great new week.

  4. That first outfit is Bumpkin fabulous, love it!
    Hope this finds you happy and well.
    I love the shoes at the end with the polka dot dress!

  5. Hi there, how are you? Wow, that's so cool, never thoughts of plaids and florals prints could be mixing out so nice :D I like your outfit and cuteeee wallet, vintage yea! And for sure I love those polka dots :D

  6. loving your mixing of patterns in your outfit!! you look great! and the new wallet is adorable! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. Love your pattern mix, pictures and the wallet - aww, i want one like this! Will come back again :)

  8. Your outfit is so cute and country! :) And I really like that wallet too, perfect florals with a brown trim.
    I have a question... I know you started your blog just before me I think... And I was wondering, do your friends know about it?
    Mine don't know about mine..
    And I'm not sure how I feel about posting pictures of them. I really can't, I don't think it would be fair to do it wihtout them knowing... but I feel like it means I have to leave out so many pictures. How do you deal with this/feel about this?? I'd love to hear from you :)

  9. Thanks for asking, lovely lady, and of course it's fine for you to use one of my pictures! I'm delighted.

    And I really love your outfit. I'm going to be copying it ... er ... I mean, 'seeking inspiration from it' .... in summer. ;) Hehe!

    A xx

  10. I absolutely love your outfit..those two prints look amazing together! Your new wallet is lovely and Andrea's outfit is amazing!

  11. Ooh, I love that skirt! I need to go fabric hunting now for some new skirts!

    A Curious Fox

  12. Your outfit is so so so beautiful, really you look gorgeous! I am in love! Also that wallet is so darling, I have been looking for a new one with no luck. You hit the jackpot!

  13. Love love love your outfit! The mix of floral and checkers is fabulous. And that wallet! CUTE!

  14. What a great outfit love the way you experimented with two patterns I would never have thought went together. You look so chic lady! As you said it's summer so we should defintely try to mix patterns and colours more often :)

    Glad you found a new wallet and I must admit it's very precious.

  15. Hey- banana cornflakes works for me! Love the blog. Found you thru my girl Trish! Hope you have a great day and I am now a follower. Come check out my giveaway that ends tomorrow if you are interested. It is a Devon Baer Designs necklace! Here is the link

  16. Lovely mixed pattern outfit! The skirt is a very pretty floral pattern <3

  17. I love the mixed pattern too and good choice with the brown! :)

  18. Oh...that wallet is calling my name!!! Thank you for adding my giveaway button to your lovely blog...I am keeping my fingers crossed for you...every girl needs a ruffled apron and you would wear it sooooo well. oxoxo

  19. the skirt is really pretty, sad to hear your purse got stolen, there are some mean people out there!!
    Rianna xxxx

  20. i love how u mixed florals with checkers, carina! i think it came out great! i'm loving all the mixing of prints with florals, lately. it's such a fresh look! thanks again for dropping by my blog and for ur sweet comment:)

  21. I am absolutely in love with this outfit! It is just so sweet and wholesome, it makes me think of a lovely summers day spent eating apple pie with ice cream and rolling in sunny grassy fields :)

  22. I love this outfit you look great!


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