Sunday 4 July 2010

hot hot heat

Hi guys!

Thank God it's finally cooler again here! Ah my goodness, it was so so hot that I had sworn to myself I wouldn't set one foot outside this weekend. As Patrick is away until tomorrow this would have probably even worked if I hadn't got this call from a friend this afternoon.
I was in the living-room, relaxing, not moving a single muscle because of the weather when my mobile rang. Ah well, a friend of mine asked me to do public viewing with her and I really wasn't in the mood for it, but we had tried to meet during the week and didn't make it, so I gave in and said yes.
I was a bit doubtful if I would be able to stand this heat for some hours because I am very very sensitive of summer weather and I hate to sweat and I get pretty cranky hehe ;)
But it turned out we watched the football match in a really cool location! In a museum.

tunic + shorts + flip flops: h&m, belt + necklace: thrifted,
bangles: promod + accessorize, alice band with feathers: six, orange fan: accessorize

My friend works as a student assistant for the chair in Medieval English Studies, so she knew our faculty was hosting a weekend seminar about Harry Potter in different media, which took place in our Düsseldorfer Film Museum, in their Blackbox to be precise. It's a little cinema for about 50 people, that is part of the museum and features different movie series regularly.
So we crept in to watch the match there :)

In case you don't know yet: Germany won! Yeaaaaaah, olé olé olé ;)
And during the match a wonder happened: the really hot and sticky weather decided to say goodbye and it began to rain and there was thunder and lightning. In some parts of Germany it even hailed like hell.
And then afterwards it was so pleasantly cool! Ah weather gods thank you, I'm happy.

The only downside today was my right foot. It still is inflamed (I have several appointments at the university hospital coming up), so after a while my heel started hurting so bad in my sneakers. It felt like I was excoriating my foot completely, so I had to do a pit stop at H&M to buy a pair of flip flops. These are (unbelievable but true) my first flip flops for years now :)
I didn't really like these kind of shoes because I didn't want to show my feet in public and I found them uncomfortable, so one day I threw all my flip flops away to start my empire of ballet flats ;)
Now I'm making a step towards the flip flops again because they are so much better for my inflamed foot.

As I said I have the apartment all for myself tonight, so I'll spend the evening with Supernatural. Sam and Dean Winchester and this amazing Chevy Impala! I'm so not up-to-date with all my favourite series. I have to catch up with Supernatural first and next month I'll use the semester break to watch Grey's Anatomy cause I still haven't seen the end of season 5. Okay I know Geroge dies, but I still need to watch it. Can somebody please donate me a bunch of free time? ;)

Alright guys I'm making some salad and sandwiches now. Have a wonderful day!

now playing: make the girl dance - baby baby baby
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  1. Love your outfit! I can sympathize with dealing with the heat. I escaped from it yesterday to the coast, but it's in the hundreds here! I hope you have a fun, relaxing, and COOL weekend catching up on all your favorite shows :)

  2. Your top is really cute, I love the detail on the neckline :)
    I so wish I could be in Germany to celebrate with all my friends there!! Go Germany, all the way!! :)

  3. Hihi, das Spiel war ja so der Hammer. Ich hab mich nicht zum PV getraut, war lieber zu Hause vorm Ventilator ^^
    Süßes Outfit! Ich glaube ich habe nen ähnlichen Gürtel von Pimkie ;-)

  4. the outfit is cute! You are really pretty. My parents just got an air conditioner for my room, so I am in heaven.

  5. You look very cute in your summer outfit (ready for the heat). Very glad it has cooled down over there, the same thing happened here this weekend (didn't really rain that muc h though). Hope you enjoyed your evening with supernatural ( I heart that show soo much!!)

  6. How about a final Germany-Holland ? Good luck with your foot. XX

  7. thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog dear! cute necklace and top! hehe i wish it was summer over here at the moment! i know most people think flip flops are horrible fashion but here in australia they are definitely a wardrobe staple :P


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