Saturday 3 July 2010

inspiration of the day #4

Hi guys!

Sorry for being a bad blogger this week, I had planned some summer outfits and other stuff for you, but the weather here in Germany is so unbelievably hot that I didn't feel like blogging in the evenings. We reached the 37 degree Celsius mark this week, that's the hottest summer since I don't know when.
I am so not used to it. I wanted to take outfit photos everyday, but in the mornings I was always late and had no time and in the evenings when I came home I always looked like a mess, sweaty and completely done.
I promise to take some pictures at the weekend, but for now here's my inspiration of the day:

animal jewelry

I know most of you love animal jewelry and I've been craving for more pieces for my collection for some weeks now, so here's a little overview of what I would really love to wear to my summer looks:

Some of you might think I'm a bit too childish, but I love this Accessorize Crazy Horse Necklace!

This is the Bucky necklace by Elsie Belle, isn't it cool? I love deer motives on clothes, so I adore them as jewelry :)

Quirky, kitschy, whimsical - I want! The Cat Twins Necklace by Sarah Ogren

Bird jewelry is always pretty, especially with swallows. A swallow charm is perfectly cute and girly and so is this Swallow Bracelet by Silvermoon.

Another pretty item of Elsie Belle: the La Licorne Cameo. Loveliness!

These are the most beautiful earrings I have found on Etsy! I don't have pierced ears (but a lip piercing, odd, I know), but I'd probably get them pierced to be able to wear these Little Friends Earrings by Tamar!

Haha I bet you haven't seen hedgehog jewelry before?! I was so amazed by this incredibly cute bracelet because I think hedgehogs are some of the loveliest animals on earth. I'm so in love with this bracelet by Flirtbuttons :)

Oh well, I still don't have pierced ears...but these beautiful Pink 'n Pop Sweet Birds earrings are seductive...

Aaw I absolutely love this Rabbit Locket necklace! A piece I'd definitely buy straight away if had money this month! I hope Cosmic Firefly still has it in stock next month! Or would anyone like to sponsor me by buying this? Ah well, you can't have it all.

Foxes are also animals that I would like to see more on clothes and accessoires! Look at this Morgentau Fox Brooch, it speaks for itself :)

Last but not least the pretty Dragonfly Ring by Labyrinth Vintage, one of my favourite online jewelry shops! I think it's time to buy there again soon :)

So, I hope this is no animal jewelry overkill for you guys! To me these items are truly inspiring :)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh my gosh seriously don't post stuff like this anymore.. It can be detremental to my bank account!! I am in love with all this. I am a HUGE fan of animal jewelry too!

  2. Ohh wow thank you so much for posting these, my boyfriends sisters 16th is coming up very soon and one of these lovely items would make the perfect present, like the twin kitty necklace or that amazing bunny locket!

    And I can totally relate to how you feel about blogging in summer...where I live its 37 - 40 degrees every day in summer and it makes taking outfit shots such a bother...but wow, I can't believe it got so hot in Germany!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely
    Lots of love

  3. Hey Carina!
    Ok, the hedgehog braclet is so cute!
    I love the dragon fly ring, very cool!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and hope it is not too hot in Germany!

  4. Hey lovely! the jewelry is amazing I'm especially loving the hedgehog bracelet (never seen on before) and the unicorn cameo! Wow I don't envy the weather you are having there, don't think I could handle all that heat. It's not that hot in Norway (at least where I am) the hottest it's gotten in 25 degrees (thank goshness) so you should serious move over here ;)

  5. I love the crazy horse necklace!! And I agree with you, it's SO HOT!!
    kind of, and thanks!

  6. I know how you feel. It's terribly hot here too! I sure like the little friends earrings. Lovely. Congrats on der Sieg off Germany!Well done. xx

  7. Great finds! I LOVE the Tamar earrings and the rabbit locket! I would totally buy those!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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