Sunday, 25 July 2010


Hi guys!

Remember the film "Hook"?
They brought it on TV today, I watched it while I was ironing the laundry. I had almost forgotten how much I love this movie. I used to watch it so many times when I was a child. My favourite scene since then has always been the food fight of the Lost Boys and the one where the little Girl Maggie sings her song on the pirate ship. And I had completely forgotten that Julia Roberts is Tinkerbell! How could I forget? It's one of her best roles ever. I usually don't like her that much, but the film made her much more likeable to me again. Furthermore it's beyond all question to me that Peter Pan is one of Robin Williams' best roles ever :)

God, I really love this movie, it's so cute and touching. I always knew that I'd never grow up when I was young and now that I'm older the Peter Pan story still gives me goosebumps. I really hope I'll never grow up. I still love cartoons and candy and toys, fantasy stories, Nintendo games, playful prints on clothes etc.
I wish I had a pouch full of fairy dust for the sentimental moments in life. Ah, I'm getting too sentimental ;)

dress + jeans + belt: h&m, cardi: zero, bangle + necklace: accessorize, scarf: ebay, boots: bullboxer, bag: roxy

Talking about things that children like: I have some more photos from the fairground for you. I met some friends there yesterday evening and we had a fun time together: I could try everything that I had to leave out on Tuesday, namely a yummy original German Bratwurst, more chocolate fruits and a delicious cinnamon-sugar-crêpe. In between we also tried out one of the rollercoasters, which was great :)
Btw I didn't take more photos after we ate our crêpes because I made it to drip the liquid cinnamon-sugar-stuff all over my dress while eating :D
Typically me!

And now for something different:
You know what is really horrible? My fairground photos were taken while in our neighbour city Duisburg the Loveparade was escalating. I'm not sure if the news have made it to other continents, but it was a big tragedy: 19 people died in the crowd. Somehow there were too many people in the entrance tunnel to the festival area and then a mass panic emerged, so lots of people were stamped to the ground or weren't able to breathe anymore. It's so awful! I saw the pictures on TV, there were SO many people in the confined area! How can something like this happen? I haven't heard about statements of the hosts yet, I'm curious about what they say.
Imagine you go to such an event to have fun and then you die there, that's unbelievable. I feel so so sorry for the persons concerned.

I wish you all a nice day though! Take care!

now playing: the killers - read my mind

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  1. I love your scarf!

  2. Great outfit, best ever I think :) And your crepe looks to die for yum! Last time I had a crepe from a street vendor like that was in France. All they ever have here is hot dogs, boring!!

  3. Hi Carina :) I am sorry I have been a bad bloggie friend! It has been a busy summer! I also have another blog and I have been spending a little more time over there! Love for you to come visit me
    Love the outfit! I don't want to grow up either! Ugh. I am going to be 35 in a few weeks!
    I love your pics from the fair. That is so sad about the people dying, thu' :(

  4. love your outfit! great post. and yes, i heard about the tragedy in Germany on the news ... so sad.

  5. Really love your color combinations in this outfit. And your necklace is beautifulll! I am such a kid at heart too, I can't help but still love childish cute things!

  6. Wow we have the same bird cage necklace!!!
    Absolutely loved looking at the photos from the fair you went to, everything looks absolutely delicious and like such fun! I'm going to a big fair like this in a week too so I'll make sure to post lots of pictures like you have :D

  7. Great outfit. Love the scarf. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog last friday. Hugs. Simone xx

  8. Wow, that's some giant bratwurst! I had some currywurst when I visited Berlin last year. Yummy :D

    I love the layering and the mix of prints in this outfit. Is it still that cold in Germany? Gosh, I wish we had that kind of weather in Toronto. I miss wearing my jackets and tights :(


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