Thursday 23 June 2011

some favourite videos

Hi guys!

I finally had time to create a new blog design. How do you like it?

I have a bookmark folder full of links to songs resp. videos that I really love. Everytime I find such a video I save it there. Uunfortunately some videos in the web get deleted after some time, but most of them stay online in archives or on Youtube.

Now I thought it would be cool to show you my favourites. I'm a sucker for unplugged/acoustic versions so that's what you'll mostly see below. Enjoy! I hope you like this:

My favourite TV ad ever! I love the Jose Gonzalez song and all the pretty bouncing balls. This video radiates this very special mood... Plus it subsequently features the making of the clip.

(sorry, I couldn't embed the video, you have to click the pic to see it)

Young The Giant playing an acoustic version of their single "Apartment" for a German radio station. I didn't know the song before but when I first heard this I fell in love with the lyrics.

The Gaslight Anthem, one of my favourite bands ever! When I see and hear Brian Fallon perform "Casanova, Baby!" it gives me goosebumps because in these few minutes he's putting all of his heart into this song.

(sorry, I couldn't embed the video, you have to click the pic to see it)

Okay, maybe a bit embarrassing, but yes I watched X-Factor last year and yes I loved the "Purple Rain" cover and performance of this handsome guy Anthony Thet. There's a short Garmin ad before the real video starts.

This is a German singer/songwriter called Gisbert zu Knyphausen performing his song "Melancholie". The song is slow and atmospheric but the most amazing thing about it are the profound lyrics.

I'm not a big hip hop fan but this song is cool. MC Solaar's "Le Belle et le Bad Boy", it's from SATC and I love that the video is cut together of scenes from the episode where Carrie is in Paris with Petrovsky.

This is Tim McIlrath of Rise Against performing "Hero of War", one of the most touching and sad songs I've ever heard. I was at the exact same gig where this was filmed and the atmosphere was so beyond words that I was close to tears. The whole crowd sang with him, it was pure goosebumps feeling.

And last but not least these are the Sick Puppies (long before their success in Germany) performing their wonderful love song "All the same". The video is nothing special but I love Shimon Moore's voice and the part where the bassist Emma joins in singing.

So, I hope you guys are having a nice day (or holiday)! :)

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  1. Ich kann mir die videos all leider nicht anschauen (in der arbeit, wie meistens) aber der blog header gefaellt mir sehr gut! Gisbert zu Knyphausen ist ja auch ein witziger name. Ich kenn mich mit Deutscher Musik ueberhaupt nicht mehr aus!

  2. Thanks for sharing music you dig. I love how the Gaslight Anthem guy looks all tough and sings such a sweet sounding song... the German Melancholie song rocked, and the rap one reminds me of Wyclef Jean (he sings a song in French that I love) though it's rap. Awesome post :D

  3. love your blog layout !
    thanks for the comment

  4. All The Same by Sick Puppies is such a heart breaking song! I love this version, I'd never heard it before! It's gorgeous, thank you for sharing.
    Love the layout

  5. I love love your new look over here! Thanks for all the sweetness and song! xoxox

  6. Hey liebes
    Dankefür deinen kommi zum thema hater :D ich lass mich nicht ärgern und ich hab ja jetz gesehen dass ihr genau meiner meinung seit! Und dass ichnicht die einzige bin die diese kommis bekommt! xD früher haben sie mich schon etwas verletzt aber seit einigen wochen denke ich „hach wenns dir spaß macht“ schon traurig dsas andere kein anderes hobby haben als andere fertig zu machen xD
    Liebe grüße

  7. What a great layout you have here ! Love the Polaroids. I am listening to the first song while I'm writing this comment and I am loving it. I will play the rest of the songs you've listed, thank you for sharing your favorites.

  8. I LOVE your new blog design, the header is so lovely! Sorry about not getting back to you about the swallow dress. I've decided to only sell the things on my sales blog nationally because I need money ASAP (I am really running out of clothes to wear, believe it or not!) and I found so little bloggers interested in buying the stuff so I just put it straight on Ebay.

  9. great post and nice videos :D


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