Saturday, 4 June 2011

out and about: mobile snapshots #2

(because the University of Düsseldorf is geese-friendly :D )

Hi guys!

I take photos of all kind of stuff with my mobile phone when I'm out and about and once in a while I transfer them to my computer to see if there are some cool shots among them. Well, here are the funniest, prettiest or most interesting things I saw when I was out and about.
If you like you can also check out the mobile snapshots part 1 here.

these were taken when we visited Eastern Germany last month:

yummy and cozy

"sweet cheese panini", yum

cupcakes (chocolate-raspberry and chocolate-peanutbutter)

On my way home from the cupcake afternoon I noticed that somebody seems to knit "snuggies" for trees, lamp posts and other round things in our city. You can see them here and there if you look around in Düsseldorf, I've already seen them on trees at uni :)

weird, funny and random


the Oberkasseler Bridge on a drab day

Patrick's perfect quiff

"Mommy there's a giant walk-through heart at the mall!"

I'm a sucker for any drink that has blueberry flavour lately!

So now my memory card is empty again and ready for new snapshots.
Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. These are lovely! The little sign for the geese is so so sweet, and the snuggie thing is so cool!

  2. I love too ttake pics when I'm out and about, mmm those cupcakes look munch ! :) x

  3. those eastern germany landscape ones are really gorgeous!!! nice job :)

  4. amazing! an the food all looks perfect.

  5. Love the geese and space invader :D


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