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new feature! About a blog: IFoughtPiranhas

Hi guys!

Guess what? I've been planning to add a new feature to my blog called "About a blog". I know it's nothing new in the blogosphere, but I've been wanting to introduce you some of my favourite blogs and/or lovely new blogs I stumbled upon when clicking through the web, so here I go.

The first blog I'd like to introduce is


Its blogger is the lovely Rosa who shows her readers that her wardrobe provides the most adorable dresses and skirts ever. Plus she wears red or pink lipstick and has some awesome tattoos! She was so kind to answer me some questions so me and my dear readers can get to know her a bit. Enjoy! :)

name: Rosa

age: 20

place: Las Vegas, USA

profession: Merchandiser/Fashion Blogger

What influences you when choosing your outfit for the day?

My influences would have to be my mood and my environment. For example,I find when I'm happy I go for more "bright colors", if I'm feeling lazy I'll go for the more "loose fitting/easy to take off" outfit.
As far as my environment goes, If I'm going for a day at the park, for example, I usually go for something that will POP. Perhaps a bright floral that will be complimented by the sun??
I'm sure the environment (weather/setting) influences everyones OOTD's, but no matter what the weather or my mood, I always make sure to KEEP IT GIRLY.

How would you describe yourself and your style?

I would describe myself as a perfectionist, a girly girl & a DIY connoisseur. A lot of what I wear has been altered to fit/for style! For example, I do a lot of hemming to shorten the ugliest, longest dresses & make them the shortest, cutest cocktail dress! I am all about being feminine & never too scared to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Also, I like combining things that wouldn't normally go together. Like my back in the day punk rock T's with my brand new thrifted floral skirts.

What are your favourite brands/shops?

I don't really have specific brands I go for. I get the majority of stuff I own thrifting. Out here, in Las Vegas, we a gigantic chain of thrift stores called SAVERS. It is usually my one stop shop. There's also a vintage boutique here called GYPSY DEN which I LOVE. If anyone is ever visiting my town, I always recommend those stores. Nevertheless, when I'm looking for a specific article of clothing that I just cannot find thrifting, H&M & Forever 21 are usually where I can find what I'm looking for

How has your style developed in the course of the last years?

Actually, I think I have more of a fashion sense than I did last year. For a while I didn't work & I needed a hobby, so I took up sewing/altering my clothes & it totally worked out! Also, now I work as a visual merchandiser which I also use as a creative outlet! Definitely has helped develop my style. I accessorize a whole lot more & I'm not afraid to combine things that wouldn't normally go together. I have a way easier time creating palettes.

What season is your favourite concerning outfits?

My favorite season is definitely SPRING!! I love bustin' out the florals and it's still cool enough wear a light cardigan and tights (LOVE TIGHTS!)!

What is your favourite music or what are your favourite bands?

I'M 100% ON A LADY GAGA AND BEYONCE TRIP at the moment, but I really like all sorts of music!

How come you started a blog?

I used to hella lurk on these fashion blogs before I started mine, so I'd say the lovely ladies I follow were definitely my inspiration!

Any advice concerning fashion or blogging?

I'm not great at giving advice, but I guess if I had to, I'd say to NEVER BE AFRAID OF WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK. Everyone has their hit or misses when it comes to fashion, but if you have people placing an opinion on what you're wearing than YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.


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  1. This is a lovely feature :) x

  2. Cute girl! Very nice interview. :)

  3. oh wow great tip, she looks stunning! going over to check out the blog right now, really loving pics and style.

  4. Thank you for introducing her blog! I'll check it right now :)

  5. Great idea for posts!! I love it! Seeing new blogs is always so much fun

  6. Her blog is very nice, I have just visited. Her outfits are so cool. She's so pretty! xx

  7. Lovely looks! Have a sweet evening xxx

  8. I love that floral dress and your hair! =)

  9. lovely post! will be checking out her blog x


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