Wednesday, 1 June 2011

cutie pies

Hi guys, hi new readers! Thanks for following! :)

How has your week been so far?

My worst part of the week is over now. I had to give a presentation on pseudo-sciences for one of my philosophy classes. And you know what? I hate to give presentations! Argh... I'm a real chatterbox but I have immense problems when I have to speak in front of a group of people. It's ridiculous but I can't help myself. Anyway, it all went well this morning and I didn't stutter or do something embarrassing. A success ;) Now I have time to tell you about the wonderful Sunday afternoon I had at the weekend (I'm late, I know...).

I went to a lovely little cupcake café with my a friend. Yay. cupcakes! Yum!

Sugarbird Cupcakes is where we spent the sunny afternoon. I've been wanting to go there for months and then we finally made it. Hidden in a quiet backyard of the Rethelstraße it's the perfect retreat to enjoy the culinary treats of their little kitchen.

The menue is full of sweet temptations, you can have cupcakes with berries, apple, curd cheese, chocolate, Oreos.... Each of us tried three of the menue of the day and they were all oh-so-yummy! Our favourite was the "Erdbeer-Früchtchen" (strawberry rascal), but the others were heavenly delicious too. The café also offers hearty snacks, that is bagels and paninis with serrano ham, cream cheese etc. And I drank the first and best rhubarb spritzer of my life :)

As you can see in the photos the whole café is kept in white and pink. We sat outside on lovely white wooden folding chairs with pink cushions, ate from a pretty white coffee set and inside you could hang your jackets on a pink coat rack with cupcake print. A perfect dream :)

♥ cardi + tote: pimkie ♥ blouse + pants: new yorker ♥ belt + necklace: primark ♥ shoes: converse ♥

This outfit is one of my new favourite outfits of all time - and it was perfect for the lazy cupcakes afternoon! It's one of these well-tried looks that you can put on in the morning without a doubt when you don't know how to dress or when you're late. I love that it is so uber-comfortable because of the loose blouse and pants and that it still looks cute with the right accessories and the blouse's cute floral print. Aww, I love to discover new feel-good-looks :)

Tomorrow is a public holiday, which means I'll have time to catch up with posting all the planned posts I have up my sleeve ;)

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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  1. gorgeous outfit, you look really relaxed and casual. Very cummery and chic! Also really really love your necklace, I can't believe it's primark! It's really vintage looking.

  2. That café looks absolutely adorable, I wish we had one like it in my town. Also you look so cute in that outfit, I love finding outfits that are comfortable but make you feel put-together at the same time. enjoy tomorrow!

  3. thank you!! love the cupackes <3 yummi!!

  4. Huh! I'm hungry.
    I have a similar pants and they're the most comfortable thing in the world!! you look really cute :)

  5. Congratulations on your presentation going well! I hate presentations, I always get so nervous and turn red...ugh!!!

    That cupcake cafe looks and sounds divine, I'm hungry now :P

  6. love your outfit, you look great :-)


  7. Oh num! Rhubarb spritzer?! Sounds lovely :)

  8. Cupcakes are my favorite desert ever!! These look ridiculously delicious.
    I love this outfit, the loose floral top and those super comfy pants are definietly the perfect combination. I love when I have outfits like this that you can just throw on and you know it's going to be fabulous.

  9. Mmm - those cupcakes look delicious! Oh, and I adore your tote!


  10. Das mit den Vortägen kenne ich auch. Aber das ist tatsächlich reine Übungssache. Je mehr du davon machst, umso schnurz piep-er ist es dir dann, wieviele Leute da vor dir sitzen. ;-) Am besten ist es, wenn du dich nicht verstellst, sondern deine "Labertaschenqualitäten" mit in das Referat nimmst. Solange fachlich alles rüberkommt, werden dir auch kleine Witze etc. verziehen.
    Die Cupkakes sind schon kleine Kunstwerke. Ich versuche mal irgendwann eine vegane Variante..Muffinrezepte habe ich ja genügend..nur für das Topping suche ich noch ;-)

  11. You can't beat a cupcake café! The fact that you can eat cupcakes whilst sitting down in a café means I can kid myself that they're "proper food" and not actually unhealthy :p
    I love your outfit, it looks really comfy but still stylish!

  12. cupcake cafe, how cute!!

  13. ummm that cafe looks amaaaazing!! also, love your outfit. your shirt matches my skirt today :)

  14. hey sweetie! thanks for following! just posted something. hope you read it!following back!

    visit my blog for daily fashion inspiration!


  15. Love your outfit it's casual but stylish at the same time, something I really want to be able to do!

    And eurghh i know what you mean about presentations, i despise them and end up embarrasing myself majorly if ever I have to do one.


  16. OH my gosh these cupcakes look yum! And that necklace is so pretty!


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