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Hello my lovelies! Hello new readers and thanks for following along :)
How have you been?

When I look back on my last posts and this one here it seems like my life only consists of dinner dates with friends at the moment - and I love that! If you've been following my blog for a while you might know that I'm a passionate foodie. I try to go to the gym at least two times a week and to eat somewhat well-balanced but one thing I cannot resist is a good burger.
So yesterday I went to an awesome burger date with a friend to have a private little belated birthday celebration because we had not met since the week before my birthday in May.

♥ dress + jeggings: h&m ♥ cardi, belt + shoes: primark ♥ bag: accessorize ♥

The place we went to is a wacky little diner called Spaceburger, I heard it's a hotspot for hipsters but there actually were rather "normal" people, or I am so hipster that I don't recognize other hipsters? Who knows!? ;)
Joking aside, it was a really nice atmosphere, a very friendly waitress and oh boy the interior! It's fabulous! Vintage wallpaper, kitschy framed pictures from movies on the walls, thread curtains, you don't know where to look first!
I borrowed these pictures from an other website to show you what I mean:

both pics above borrowed from here, below borrowed from here

See? Wackiness, green light and Chewbacca. What else does the heart desire, hm? ;)
And oooh how freaky the menue looked. All burgers have unusual names like "El Morte Del Torro", "Le Gourmet De St.Tropez" and so on. It was so much fun to choose a burger, I picked the Baron Burger which was a cheeseburger with a delicious homemade cucumber relish and an extra-layer of fried ham, yummmmm!

above: the menue, below: the wallpaper

We ate and chatted and laughed a lot and I got a belated birthday present and was merry as a lark. Tickets for the Rise Against concert here in Düsseldorf in August, woohooo! :D I love Rise Against, they're one of my favourite bands everrrrrrr. I can't wait to see them live on stage again!
Oh and here are two snapshots of what we ate, they show my burger and my friend's dessert:

By the way, my next food date is already planned. I'm going to invite my Mom to brunch on Sunday, so you'll see more photos of delicious things soon ;)

Happy Friday!

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  1. ooooh oooooh spaceburger!
    ich hab mir schon soo oft vorgenommen dahin zu gehen, aber hat bisher leider nie geklappt.
    wie is das preisleistungsverhältnis? würdest du mich hinschicken?
    ich mag das kleidchen an dir!
    ich hab übrigens gestern die gänsefamilie an der uni gesehen. voll süß!
    liebste grüße aus düsseldorf, nach düsseldorf!

  2. hmm, lecker sieht ja toll aus. da bekomme ich direkt hunger^^

    ich liebe blümchenkleider an dir. einfach super süß

  3. Haaaab ich's doch gesagt! :D
    Du musst auch mal zu dem in der nordstraße gehen, der ist etwas kleiner und persönlicher und auch nicht so voll, wie der in der altstadt. Ich liebe das ganze konzept einfach!

  4. Very very nice outfit, I like your dress. Ah those food towards the end, they look soooo yummy. xx

  5. I love your dress, it's super cute with that belt and cardigan. I love dinner dates with friends so much, so it's awesome that you've been doing a lot of that! This space burger place sounds like sooo much fun

  6. steht noch nich ganz fest, welche location es wird. vllt people oooder einfach nur schaukel oder engelchen. da kenn ich ein paar leute, die da arbeiten.
    ansonsten geht auch trashRnB :D aber nich so lang^^
    wo gehst du denn hin, wennde gute musik hören willst?
    warst du schonmal bei hochdenrock?

  7. nein, ich bekomme sie nicht geschenkt aber einen rabatt auf meinen nächten sonnenbrilleneinkauf :-) auch nicht schlecht

  8. Ohhhhh delicious!! I love a good burger too and in fact, Mr Darcy and I have a tradition where we go out every Thursday afternoons and have a good old fashioned burger and chips. This wacky dinner looks amazing, I really love restaurants with a theme.

    As for my "epiphany" I mentioned on my blog, it's a matter of my style and my habits as a consumer. I've just come to terms with my horrific spending and buying of things and it's impact on the world and I feel terrible... So I've planned a wardrobe transformation and some rules for myself that I want to stick to. Basically, I want to narrow down my wardrobe to only the essentials that I wear and leave it at that...instead of having 100's of things that I don't even wear and constantly buying more and more all the time.

  9. Cute outfit - and dinner looks delish!
    : )

  10. hochdenrock is meines wissens garnich mehr im stahlwerk. ich fand die location auch viel zu groß..
    wennde bock hast, am 22.juni is wieder hochdenrock im foyer. da bini auch da :)
    ja papi geht meistens als letzte lösung.
    in köln war ich noch nie unterwegs und in aachen nur zum shoppen ;)

  11. I loved the decoration! It looks like a really nice place and that burger, oh well, it looks really delicious!

  12. Loveee that floral dress! <3



  13. Another adorable outfit you have on.

    This looks yummy...and that!

    Hugs. xoxo

  14. Oh my!! Now I'm really hungry! Great outfit girl..


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