Wednesday, 22 June 2011

into this world we're thrown

Hi guys!

Today is a strange day. Nothing goes the way it was planned and everything feels irregular. This morning I was getting ready for uni, brushing my teeth, whilst checking my emails and then - thank God - I discovered an email saying my classes are deleted for today because of a university sport event. I tend to neglect my uni email account.... but it was a nice surprise.
I didn't really know what do with myself, so I got dressed and styled and since then I've been editing photos, pre-scheduling blog posts, looking for stuff on Ebay, smoking on the balcony and drinking vanilla coffee.
I'm also in the mood for The Doors right now, their music matches this strange day and weather perfectly.

♥ pants + cardi: pimkie ♥ shirt: h&m ♥ bag: nook art ♥ shoes: converse ♥ beanie: accessorize ♥

Say, how do you guys like these pants? I bought them last week at my new favourite store Pimkie. It's still hard to admit for me because this shop used to sell cheap polyester stuff and their bad reputation has been lingering in the heads of German girls... but I was surprised about what cute stuff they sell now. I couldn't see a difference to H&M or Zara's TRF collections. Plus - just like H&M - Pimkie always has many many things on sale. Last time when I went there and to get these pants I also bought like 5 other pieces and only spent about 60€. I like!

It's not even afternoon yet and it already feels like evening. Can somebody tell me what's wrong with the whole atmosphere today? I can't help but feeling a little mock-sorrowful, I don't like this myself but somehow it won't go away.
Oh well, this will pass too. Maybe later on in the afternoon when I'll have to run some errands with Patrick. I'm probably a little annoyed because we had planned to go to a concert tonight but now unfortunately we can't because Patrick has to be on call.

♥ necklace: six ♥ ring: ebay ♥ bangle + leo bow: accessorize ♥

God, I have so many photos today! I'm running out of text between them ;)
Ehm one more thing I wanted to show you is the hair and make up. I had time enough to try something new, so I flipped through the pages of some magazines and thought "How about a braid today?". No sooner said than done. Oh my what a catastrophe! I wanted to create a braid like this one, but was a miserable failure. I need at least three more hands to do this... So I made a normal braid instead. Have you ever tried such a complicated braid alone?

(sorry, red allergy eyes...)

After the failed braid I applied myself to the make up. Normally I wear my eyes all black, black kohl, black eyeliner, black mascara. My cosmetician always advises me of the hard contrast the black is to my pale skin, she says I should try out brown hues for they look softer. So I dug out all my brown stuff and tried it out. It's unusual to me but I like it, however I don't look that badass anymore haha ;)
What do you think? Is the brown better than black?

Have a nice day!

now playing: the doors - riders on the storm

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  1. Love the red cardigan, such a great color on you.


  2. cute nautical outfit
    love the long cardigan

  3. sehr lässig und gemütlich, passend zum wetter!

    :) ich wollte eigentlich keine chemische farbe an meine haare lassen, weil ich nich weiß, wie sie drauf reagieren. aber da die pflanzliche farbe nichts gebracht hat, werd ich wohl doch mal was leichtes, chemisches ausprobieren ;) hätte sie gern dunkler, damit man sie besser sieht.
    vielen dank! ich hab zwar (natürlich) nichts zum anziehen, aber wenigstens 2gästelistenplätze.
    wünsch dir trotzdem einen schönen abend!

  4. Love your blog's name. Also loving your converse sneakers. =)

    Need it? Want it? Crave it?

  5. Love your outfit. Ah I wish I had a balcony, I live in a baking hot flat with no garden : (

    Ah I remember the days of cancelled lectures, always a win


  6. Love the red cardigan! Gorgeous color on you!

  7. You have really great style. I just adore your blog! Following now!


  8. you're eyes are stunning!

  9. hey i hope your day has improved!!! and i like your header!!

  10. You look gorgeous- loving your blog :) x

  11. aaaalso:
    erstmal,neues blogdesign! Find ich sehr gut! Schön klar und fein.

    Dann die Hose & Pimkie: Gefällt mir gut und ja das habe ich auch schon festgestellt bei Pimkie. Ist gar nicht so schlecht, wie wir immer alle denken ^^ aber die gewohnheit führt doch immer nach H&M... :D

    Und Haar und Make-Up: Hast du dir mal n Video-Tutorial zum Zopf angeguckt? Ist eigentlich gar nicht so schwer, dauert nur lange wenn man es so schön haben will weil man dann extrem dünne stähnen nehmen muss. Und ich finde dass braune Make-Up super!

  12. I don't think you can tell the difference between the black and the brown that much from a distance (in photos anyways.) And up close, I really like the brown :)
    I didn't mind Pimkie's styles, but I was so NOT impressed with their customer service! Very rude!

  13. Cute!! Love your accessories :)


  14. hallo meine liebe ! als erstes muss ich dir umbedingt sagen, dass du einen tollen neuen header hast! Ich bin total verblüfft dich in hosen zu sehen! steht dir aber sehr gut.

  15. yeah pimkie has some nice stuff- sometimes/ rarely, hahahahha


  16. loving the stripes on the red! and I dont think I ever read my student emails when I was at uni lol. xx

  17. wow love this whole outfit! especially your makeup and converse <3

    thanks for your lovely comment , claire x


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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