Sunday, 26 June 2011

everytime I look for you the sun goes down

Hi guys!

I couldn't blog the last two days because my weekend again was filled with dinner dates. I'm always eating - ALWAYS! ;) Somehow these days between Thursday and Monday have turned into food weekends: Friday my mother had a belated birthday party and invited us and her friends for dinner, yesterday was our monthly girls night at a Brazilian restaurant (pictures soon) and today I baked lots and lots of sweet treats for Patrick because it's his birthday tomorrow.
I swear I'll be eating salad for at least three days now, I love food but the last days were an overkill for sure.

♥ cardi: vero moda ♥ top, jeans + shoes: h&m ♥ belt: gift ♥ necklace: kleiderkreisel ♥ hat: accessorize ♥

These outfit photos are a little older but I wanted to post them anyway because they show one of my well-tried everyday looks, cute and perfectly comfy. Jeans, tunic, cardi, sneakers and I'm ready to go. And if the weather allows it also a knit hat for bad hair days ;)
However the weather forecast says it will be hot and sticky the next few days so I have to go for breezy outfits instead.

unfortunately the bike's handlebar fell off :-(

The next two or three weeks will be stressful due to my oncoming exams and the essays that want to be written and all. I'll prepare some posts and hope Blogger will publish them correctly (the last time I wanted it to post something automatically at a certain time it went all wrong somehow).
Of course I'll try to keep on reading your blogs and I'm sure I will to procrastinate learning for the exams :D But please bear with me if I don't manage to comment back. I'll catch up with that asap.

Have a lovely Sunday!!

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  1. Awesome outfit! Loving these colors and this mix of things put together :)
    And good luck with your studying!!

  2. die jeans is cool und das kleid auch, aber würds nich zusammen anziehen :)

  3. Comfy outfits are my favorites and you always look great like that! :)

    And good luck for your exams!

  4. Haha naja ohne die Jeans kann ichs nicht anziehen mit meinen Beinen ^^

  5. i love food as well..
    you only live once so eat a lot of yummy things!
    you look beautiful..i love the pattern on your dress.
    good luck with your exams..don't get to stressed out.

  6. Die Kette ist extrem süß.

  7. its a great combination ! girlish yet edgy when pair it with jeans.

    I love the bicycle pendant , i would not know if u did not mention the handle bar came off

    haha i should get a hat i think , any form for my bad hair day

    never really have one , because i the weather is so hot here , and with my bangs , its gonna be all sticky when i sweat


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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