Wednesday, 29 June 2011

simple snacks

Hi guys!

After a food overkill last weekend I've been trying to eat some less hearty things again. I try to get a certain gym routine anyway, so paying attention to balanced eating habits is reallly important now. I've never been a fan of diets because if I forbid myself to eat certain things I want them even more - no discipline. And I have accepted that I will never be as skinny as I used to be when I was younger, so what's the point in torturing myself with dieting anyway?!
I rather try to balance a dinner date with salads and fruits the next day and I try to eat after some basic rules like carbs in the morning, less carbs for lunch and if possible only proteins in the evening. I've already lost 1,5 kilos with these rules but I don't expect a wonder and I don't have a bad conscience if I don't manage to eat like that every single day.
I'm taking it easy because I love to eat ;)

One of my favourite snacks is avocado cream - especially on hot days when I don't feel like eating warm meals.
Simply purée the pulp of two or three ripe avocados, ad fresh garlic, chopped onions, a squirt of lemon juice, salt and pepper et voilá: delicious spread.
So yummy on wholemeal bread!

I'm not a big fan of mere salad, but it's one of the easiest and quickest meals ever so I pimp my salad with some grated cheese, croutons and a mix of yoghurt and balsamico dressing to make it taste more interesting for my taste buds.

Do you guys have some favourite healthy snacks? I'm always open for new recipes.
Have a lovely day! :)

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  1. Ich mag auch gerne Snacks, die aus wenigen Zutaten bestehen aber umso leckerer sind.
    Dein neues Design ist total klasse...gefällt mir viel besser als das alte.

  2. GenauSO gehts mir auch. Mit dem sich selbst verbieten, dem Sportplan und den Kohlenhydraten, und meinen Salat muss ich auch erstmal ohne Ende pimpen bevor er mir wirklich schmeckt. Gerade eben habe ich noch fotografiert, was ich gekocht habe: Leicht, gemüsig und eiweißig aber ohne kohlenhydrate ^^ werde es also demnächst posten, vlt. ist es ja was für dich :)

  3. ich hab letzte woche paprika-tomaten-salat mit gebratenen champignons und putenbrust gegessen.
    boar ich war sooo satt und es hat nur minimal kalorien!
    ernähre mich seit meiner krankheit viel gesünder!
    heute abend hatte ich rührei mit paprika und dazu vollkornbrot. es gibt sooooviel leckeres gesundes :)

  4. looks so good, and healthy too!

  5. Love the look of that avocado sandwich!
    I am the same as you, if I go a long time eating unhealthy foods I do my best to eat healthier for the next few days and maybe go for walks if I can be bothered.
    If I want a quick easy snack I usually go for some celery dipped in tzatziki, or just munch on carrots. Simple things like that!

  6. I try to eat healthy but fail miserably. I gained a lot of weight last year, and pretty fast aswell (I DID need to put up weight, but 7kg in a few months is scary) so I tried to exercise and eat healthy but I'm exactly like you, I crave what I can't have even more. Lucky for me all my snacks involve fruit or vegetables, so I guess not everything is lost lol.

    I am not a fan of avocado, but the salad you made really made my mouth water! have you tried coleslaw? it's pretty much my go to snack, I just love it. Especially with red cabbage... mmm yum!

  7. hello !!! sorry ,i have been busy with work , sometimes by the time i reach home its like 7++ in the evening , the day just worn me out

    have been away for so long ! i hope everything is fine on your side

    the salad loooook so yummmy ! sorry i have never been much of a person who eats healthily lol which is bad, i wish i have some nice recipes to share :(

  8. oh my gosh, that sandwich sounds delicious. I love avocados but have never tried it this way. It's making me hungry just thinking about it :) Thanks for the new & healthy suggestions.

    Hope your summer is off to a good start,


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