Wednesday, 9 February 2011

is there a ghost

Good morning my dear readers
and especially a big hello and thanks to the couple of new followers! :)

Today is my day off. I took it off to be able to pack my bag for our short trip to Berlin properly and now it's 11 am and all I managed to do so far is having breakfast coffee and taking a shower. So much to do ahead... I really need to make a checklist for what I have to pack and then again I have to add this point to my to-do list for today together with the appointment for having my eyebrows dyed, going to the city with Patrick to buy him a new shirt and meeting a friend to visit an exposition of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (academy of arts).
But hey, I love free days full of activity. Better than hanging around with nothing to do.

♥ skirt: fleamarket ♥ shirt: zara ♥ cardi & belt: h&m ♥ leggings: ergee ♥ shoes: thrifted ♥ hat: accessorize ♥ necklace: glam glass gifts

The outfit photos are actually from Sunday when we had the loveliest sunshine weather and up to 10°C. The tempertures have stayed somewhere between 7-10°C since then and it's one of these beautiful crisp sunshiny days now.
I was able to leave out a second layer of tights. A clear sign, a herald of spring!
The skirt with it's bright yellow florals was the perfect piece to wear. It's my 2€ super-bargain from a fleamarket last year. I'm not completely sure, but everytime I look at it I get more and more convinced that it's made of a 70s curtain fabric by the seller herself. My only one of a kind skirt :)

Now it's time to make another official statement here on my blog to keep me motivated. Let me explain: my shopping ban for clothing and accessories works pretty good. I deleted my whole watch list at Ebay and although I had to go to H&M to buy a sleeping mask for the upcoming bus trip I made it through their sale section without giving in. I'm really proud of me because normally I'm like "Oh 5€ less in my wallet won't make a difference." But I have to stand firm.

Now that the shopping ban seems to work I have to start a new project. This morning I noticed that I'm starting to get a double chin! That's the last straw! I've been trying to turn my resolution to eat healthier into action since December but it just doesn't seem to be enough. It's over now with fried noodles and baked banana at 8 pm (which happened yesterday). I have to break my habits and rather get me some fruit salad or something in the evening. And I need to go to the gym again. Badly.
Does anyone have some good tips or maybe experiences with Weightwatchers or something like that?

Annotation: I'm not saying a double chin is something bad! It's just a sign for me to get something going. I want to be honest: it's hard for me to admit it but I have 80 kilos now, which is simply too far away from my feel-good weight!
It doesn't matter how much you're weighing as long as you feel good! But I don't feel good anymore. So please don't get me wrong guys! Having 80 kilos does not necessarily mean you have to lose weight! It's just a personal thing I have to work out with myself.

♥ butterfly clip: h&m ♥ scrabble necklace: glass glam gifts ♥ rings: six & accessorize

Alright, that's pretty much it for today. I hope this post will keep me motivated enough to follow through with the shopping ban and change of eating habits. To get off the right foot I'll eat an apple now ;)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. You look so lovely! I like your outftis! Your skirt is so nice! :)

  2. i really love that skirt..will be perfect for summer too, so pretty! Have fun in Berlin...i'd love to go their one day :)

  3. du siehst super aus!! ich finde deinen rock sehr passend zu den ersten sonnenstrahlen :)
    also ich hab noch nie weightwatchers probiert, da kann ich dir nicht helfen, aber ich kann die empfehlen. die haben tolle gerichte mit wenig kalorien. Davon koche ich sehr viel und ich habe in einem jahr ca 10 kilo abgenommen. War eigentlich nicht beabsichtigt, wollte mich eigentlich nur gesünder ernähren... aber toller nebeneffekt und extreeeem lecker :)

  4. I looove this skirt, the fact that it could be someones curtain makes it even better!! I love busy days off, thats awesome! One of the girls I work with is on weightwatchers and she says its really helpful to monitor what you eat and make sure you're eating well.

    Oh and as much as you like our snow over here, I'm sure the cold would shock you haha. I love the snow but it gets soo cold in the winter. We do have lovely summers which are unfortunatly only 2 months long

  5. adding sunlight to Berlin! Have fun.

  6. sehr schönes outfit!!
    und die kette ist auch wirklich cool :Dgibts die noch mit anderen buchstaben?

  7. I love your skirt, the print is so gorgeous with the stripes on the shirt! Haha it would be awesome if the seller had made the skirt from 70s curtains ;)
    I managed to lose about 30 pounds a couple of years ago by following the Canada Food Guide, which is basically guidelines for how many servings of each food group (dairy, protein, fruit&veg, grains) to have each day according to your age, along with moderate exercise (like 30 minutes of walking a day). I also cut out all beverages except milk and water (besides the odd cocktail here and there :P), and it worked quite well :D
    Good luck!
    M xo

  8. Such a pretty my dear are lovely...and your nail polish colour is one of my favourites. xoxo

  9. Ok, everyone has a cool yellow skirt but me and I am so jealous!! I want yours!

  10. that skirt is so lovely, and i love the mixing prints with the striped shirt! you look so cute. i've heard good things about weight watchers, but i've never tried it, and i'm terrible at working out, so i don't have any tips or anything to contribute!

  11. Oh I just love your skirt! So colorful and happy. Oh and thanks for the feature <3

  12. Oh ich hoffe du hast Spaß in Berlin, ich hatte es gestern! Mein Shopping Verbot lässt sich auch umsetzen, habe dort nur Dinge gekauft, die ich brauchte, weil ich sie nicht mehr hatte oder weil sie kaputt waren ;-)
    Was deine "Diät" angeht; ich kann dir dahingehend empfehlen keine Diät zu machen, sondern eine Ernährungsform für dich zu finden, mit der du dich wohlfühlst. Ich mache z.B. seit Mitte August letzten Jahres "LOGI" und fühle mich bestens. ^^ Natürlich möchte ich dich jetzt nicht dazu überreden, aber viell. schaust du es dir ja mal an, einfach mal bei Tante Google eingeben. Da muss man auch keiner Diätorganisation Geld in den Rachen werfen ;-)

  13. Oh mensch du sieht aber frühlingshaft aus! SO hübsch! Gefällt mir sehr gut dein outfit! Und hey hab ich dir eigentlich schon danke für deine superlieben kommentar zu meiner vorletzten post gesagt? Nein? DANKE! Das ist so lieb von dir, aber ich seh übrigens nur auf fotos die ich selber von mir mache so aus, auf normalen Bildern ist der "modelblick" auch wieder weg, das ist nämlich nur so ne muskelanpsannungssache ^^ :D
    egal auf jedenfall kann ich das mit dem wohlfühlen gut nachvollziehen, ich fühl mich auch grad so unfit und bah einfach. Manchmal bringts echt was, was neues anzufangen, gesund zu essen und vlt aber nur vlt sogar auch sport und schon fühlt man sich gefühlte 10 kilo leichter^^
    VIEL SPAß in Berlin!!!

  14. dein rock ist toll. hier kommt der sommer !

  15. im so jealous that you can carry of yellow so easily . looks so cute

  16. Carina so excited you are following my going glam blog! It is my fantasy blog and gives me inspiration for my photogrphy (blog)!
    I so am in love wit your skirt, just gogeous! Great color on you! You are beautiful!
    gi gi

  17. Love how the skirt brightens the whole outfit!
    ..don't let me start about the double chin, I have one too now..I gain 20 kilos in the last year, now I have 66 kilos and I used to have 46..God, and it's so hard to have a healty life!!

  18. Cute cute butterfly slip. Have a great weekend. xx

  19. You look so perfect in every outfit! I just love how you put things together! You really really inspire me *-* <3

  20. I love the skirt so much, it's such a bright sunny color!
    As for loosing weight, have you thought about how much you would like to weigh? I've been loosing weight for a long time, I went from 70kgs to 52kgs and it's taken me a whole year to loose that much, but that's because I've been doing it the healthy way. So as someone who knows how hard it is, I'm happy to share some tips:

    1) Clear your pantry of anything that you think you shouldn't eat anymore (this depends if you're doing a specific diet or just want to avoid carbs/starches etc).

    2) Go grocery shopping for new healthier foods to replace the foods you no longer want to eat. I usually buy lots of fruit and lots of vegetables instead of buying breads, cheeses and sausages like I used to.

    3) Buy one piece of excersize equipment (like a excersize bike/treadmill) that you will stick to using every day. While having a gym membership is good, we can get a little busy sometimes and don't have the time to visit a gym as often as we'd like, so having something at home you can work out on anytime you like is really great. If you shop around you can usually buy excersize equipment for a lot cheaper than it is to have a gym membership!

    4) Eat three balanced meals a day - but especially breakfast, never, ever skip breakfast!!!

    5) Remember that it is always okay to treat yourself, if you feel like you have been eating healthy and working out there is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to a cake or some nice chocolate ;)

    Hope this helps, if I think of anything else I'll let you know :)

  21. gah! you're so pretty & I love the skirt! It makes me want spring so badly... ):

    If you're looking to lose weight, cut sugars out of your diet, eat healthy/unprocessed carbs, and eat smaller portions. Just eat till you're content, never stuffed!

  22. oh, & thank you SO much for the lovely feature! (:

  23. i love the fun colors on the skirt

    and hey i dont see the double chin , haha mine was even worst i gained so much weight sitting on my lazy bum and eating crap food

    haha most of my skirts i can hardly fit in anymore !

  24. Love the color of your skirt! It just makes me so happy and cheery hehe :)

  25. super cute! i love that skirt :)

  26. I'd like to see arround more colours like on this set!

  27. Love your outfit, the skirt is so springish

  28. That butterfly clip is so pretty and too cute for words. And kudos to your shopping ban! I think I need to start doing that as well, maybe by unsubscribe from all those shopping stores. hahah.. need to start saving badly. And what is that with you and yellow? You look fantastic in that skirt! Love it!

    Sanny's Head to Heart


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