Monday, 7 February 2011

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Hi guys!

I've been following HelloLyndsey for quite some time now. If you don't already know this blog you should really take a look at it and its lovely owner Lyndsey!
She has the cutest smile ever, always has pretty hair and simply radiates so much happiness! I love her style too and her photographic talent. Her blog really deserved the rapid increase of readers that has happened since she started blogging. I love to watch good blogs grow and develop.

Lyndsey was so kind to pick me as her February Blogger of the Month! Wow, how cool is that?! I'm glad you like my blog Lyndsey, thanks a lot! :)
I did a little q&a form for her, if you like you can head over and take a look at the little interview here.

I'm so glad you all like my blog and follow, read and support it! Thank you my lovelies!
Have a great day!!!
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  1. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  2. Cute blog... just stumbled across it from a comment you left on House of Habit :D Will be following along!!!

  3. nice blog:)

    check out the AlexanderMcQueen scarf giveaway:)

  4. Great interview and post! Your style is fabulous!

  5. That is so darling that Lyndsey interviewed you! I will go read it now! : )

  6. It was such a great interview! glad she picked you :)

  7. aww a blogger of the the month is such a good idea!!

    Ich spreche kein schweizerdeutsch und ein wenig deutsch :) Ich lerne!!

  8. Hallo meine Süsse,

    wow toller Post....tolles Interview,....du bist TOLL! Denk immer dran!!!

    Hab einen schönen Abend

    with love

  9. Oh ja das kann ich nur empfehlen, die website ist auch toll hehe :)
    xoxo F

  10. LOVE this blog and you....So happy to find you!
    xx Emily from EL Vintage.

    PS- Adding yours to my blog daily reads. x


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