Tuesday 1 February 2011

navy blue like the sea

Hi guys!

How was your Monday? I hope you had a nice start into the week?
It's strange right? Mondays are always drab in winter. We had the brightest sunshine here over the whole weekend but as soon as it was Monday morning we had drab and foggy and damp weather. It's getting colder and colder again in Germany, today it even began to snow for half an hour or so. Well, I can't complain because I love winter!
And I had a day off today anyway and put up with a 1 hour trainride only to go shopping, but I'll tell you more about it next time... :)

♥ pants, shirt & cardi: h&m ♥ jacket: vero moda ♥ scarf: accessorize ♥ belt: thrifted ♥ shoes: akira

I took these photos with the self-timer yesterday. Look at the background, do you remember Penelope the boat?
Patrick had to take me to his band rehearsal because we were invited to dinner by his parents afterwards, so while the band was rehearsing I went outside to see if the old mill estate was still the same. Basically it was, only the bad weeds had been removed so the whole yard looked much tidier than the last time.
Poor old Penelope was still standing there in her corner under the holey corrugated metal roof, letting the time pass her by. Somehow it feels like she was waiting for me to visit her because I think I'm the only person who roams this abandonned mill from time to time. All the other people only park their cars there and hang around in the newer building next to the mill where the rehearsal rooms are.
Hmm, Penelope always makes me sigh...

Isn't it funny that I unconsciously chose a navyblue outfit to match the boat? :)
As if I had subconsciously known that I would take photos in front of Penelope (I had not planned it)!
I actually chose this outfit because of our dinner date. Greek restaurant means stuffing your face with grilled pork and tzaziki to me! I was so looking forward to the Greek food, especially after the mistaken evening at the Russian restaurant yesterday! That's why I put on the comfy pants and a loose shirt that would hide the full stomach later on. Furthermore I love the combo of navyblue and brown!

Trying to smile away the cold.

Can you tell it was freezing cold outside? I don't know if I look cold in the photos, but I was so glad when I could put on my jacket again in the end. We had -3°C with an icy wind, which is not so nice in a floral viscose shirt. I even dug out my gloves again although I had thrown them back into my closet because of the warmer weather the other day.

♥ necklace: accessorize shoes: akira ♥ ring: h&m shoes: akira

After the yummy Greek food we went to Patrick's parents to see their new kittens. Aawwww I love kittens! So cute! They were so terrific that I forgot to take photos...awesome. I promise I'll take some next time! They have a black and white little kitty with a black spot on the nose and a little tiger, Mimmi and Looky. Looky got his name because he looks at everything with his cute big brown eyes. And Mimmi is the funniest kitten ever! She doesn't like Coke, so when I raised my glass she jumped onto the sofa, climbed onto my lap and wanted to see what was the black stuff I had there. I put the glass down to let her snuffle and as soon as the Coke smell entered her nostrils, away she ran.
Anti-Coke kitty :)

I have some more photos of the old mill for you here:

I love to take pictures of decaying buildings. I don't know why but I think you can find the best motives in places like these! Decay is a fascinating thing to capture on pictures in general. It's this ambiguity that makes it interesting: on the one hand it's beautiful, but on the other hand it's also frightening to be reminded of your own mortality right?
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed all of yesterday's photos! :)

Have a great day!

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  1. ich hatte einen tollen start in die woche:-)
    alles sieht super aus. die hosen stehen dir so wahnsinnig gut, ich sehe darin immer total furchtbar aus.

  2. love the brick backdrop and that super cool boat. Looks very cold there! That jacket is awesome. I've been looking for one similar for awhile now.

  3. Einen ganz schoenen Abend! The last day of January xxx

  4. Great look! I love your ring!

    The Flower Girl


  5. Trying to smile at the camera when it's freezing outside? hell yeah I can relate to that :p I love your trousers (I think I already said this in the past). I love the pleating details. AND I LOVE THE ARMY GREEN JACKET! REALLY REALLY LOVE IT :)


  6. Hallo meine Süße,

    danke für Deinen super lieben Kommentar...hab mich grad mehr als gefreut....so süsse Worte wow! DANKE :)!

    Der aktuelle und vorletzte Post von Dir ist klasse....sehr sexy & süss....Blumenprint steht Dir sehr....wirkt sehr romantic ...das kommt immer gut hihi....

    Schlaf gut meine Liebe & morgen wünsch ich Dir einen tollen Tag <3

    with love

  7. Hey ich habe heute gelernt, dass es gar kein echter Schnee war heute. Das war fieser Industrieschnee! Der entsteht wenn es unten extrem kalt wird, obere luftschichten aber warm sind. Dann gefriert der ganze Smok aus den Industrieschornsteinen und gefriert. Bah ne? ^^
    Und ich meinte den woolworth da bei der Nordstraße, der sieht auch gar nicht so schlimm aus :) Deine hose sieht übrigens klasse aus und war nicht nur pssförmig sondern auhc farblich wohl gewählt um zum Griechen zu gehen! ;)

  8. Can't wait to see photos of kittys!!! She probably didn't like the fizz hitting her nose heehee!

  9. Nice and comfy outfit for casual dinner. I can't wait to see photos of those cute kittens. I seriously love cats!

    And about the song you mentioned, it's called Cupid's Chokehold and yes it was everywhere in 2007 or 2008.. can't remember exactly.

  10. Ah, I saw this on Chictopia and immediately noticed the shoes, but now I love the jacket, too!

    District of Chic

  11. hello darling!
    gosh it has been a minute since i was able to actually sit down and blog comment! lol.

    anywho, i'm here to say you look absolutely gorgeous, always love penelope, and you won for this month's blogger of the month!!! congratulations girl!! all you have to do is email me at hellolyndsey(at)hotmail.com to get you started on your interview :)

    xo, gorgeous!

  12. I'm so into navy these days, so your pants are perfect to me! And poor Penelope, hahah.. I'm just like you, sometimes I could feel all bad to abandoned objects which my friends think that is weird.

    Sanny's Head to Heart


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