Wednesday, 2 February 2011

primark day

Hi guys!

On Monday I told you I put up with a 1 hour train ride only to go shopping. Crazy much? I mean I live in Düsseldorf which is said to be one of Germany's fashion cities and I just have to take the tube to the old town to reach all sorts of different shops.
BUT: we don't have Primark here. So I headed over to Gelsenkirchen to visit the first Primark store in our part of Germany here.
It's huge, it's very tidy and it's so cheap. I got so much more stuff than I had gotten at H&M or Zara or Mango for my money! Okay, I admit the clothing mostly doesn't fit me resp. looks awkward on me because it's either too big or too small (why don't they put more spandex in their fabrics?), but I really fell in love with their accessories.

♥ jacket: vero moda ♥ bag: vintage ♥ cardi: gina tricot ♥ shirt & jeans: ♥ belt: topshop via ebay ♥ boots: vintage ♥ hat: accessorize ♥

They offer so many different bags and almost all of them are totally cute! All the lovely prints and colours, I really had a kind of sensory overload. And the scarves and jewelry are so adorable! Kitschy, girly, cute and no piece costs more than 5€. How amazing is that? A big plus was that they still had a sale section so everything there was even cheaper, almost for free. Where else can you get pyjamas for 3€?!

♥ necklace: h&m ♥

Fortunately I had chosen a comfortable casual outfit for this little shopping trip! Actually I had only thought of the train ride and how uncomfortable crowded trains can be and that I needed to wear a loose shirt, a warm cardi (it's cold here, it even started snowing again, yay!) and some jeans. I was even happier about my outfit when I realized how tiresome it was to drag around the huge filled shopping bag in this superheated store ;)
But it was totally worth it because I found so many bargains:

sunglasses: 3€ each, cherry top: 7€

fake suede bag: 9€, cosmetic bag & sunglasses purse: 2€

socks: 1,50€, pyjamas: 3€ (!!!)

belts: none of them more than 3€, floral pants: 5€

What a bargain paradise, seriously. I really want to go there again when their summer collection arrives because I can't wait to see more of all the lovely floral patterns. Maybe I can even lose a few pounds until next time so that I won't be kind of stuck between two sizes anymore. We'll see.

That leads me to the next big plan: after I spent so much money in the sale the last two weeks I've made an important decision. I have a full closet now because of the many nice bargains I found, so it's time to have a shopping break - that's the most reasonable conclusion to me. I own enough clothing now, it's time to prioritize other purchasings.
I have a list of things that I need more than clothing in the back of my head and it's time to mark off some of the points, like for example a new desk chair, a dresser for the bedroom, going to the hairdresser, the Berlin trip next week...

I officially promise to not buy clothing and accessories anymore until March the 6th (because I'll go to a fleamarket that day). The only thing excluded from this shopping ban is a pair of boots that I have on my Ebay watch list and that I'll buy if it doesn't cost more than 10€. Haha, I'm an addict I know... ;)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hihi, ich mache auch gerade eine Shoppingpause..schon ein paar Wochen. Ich finde es mittlerweile großartig wieviel Geld man dann für andere Dinge hat.
    Bin nächsten Mi auch in Berlin mit meiner Mum..mal sehen wie standhaft ich da bin ^^

  2. Wow Primark is now in Germany?! Cool, looks like you got so many bargains! They have some things that look a bit too cheap but then the accessories are so cheap and often pretty cute :D I need to go on a shopping ban too as I have so little money :( xx

  3. I love this look, that top belted is perfect. I am jealous you have a primark!! Canada is a wee bit too far away I fear

  4. What a fun day!!! I adore all your treasures...that little necklace is ADORABLE...we do have H&M here so must go see if I can find one. xoxoxo hugs

  5. You look amazing! I LOVE your cardigan!


  6. I love primark accessories, although I never seem to find any clothes in there that I like/would fit me properly. I love your squirrel necklace so cute! :) x x

  7. oh i love your cardigan, the camel colour is so lovely :)

  8. i drove 3 hrs to go shopping!! haha..
    so i totally understand!
    i love the bird belt. ahh..! so lovely.
    good luck on your shopping ban. :)

    ps. i <3 your cardigan you are looks like the most comfiest thing ever!

  9. oh goodness, that little bird belt is absolutely gorgeous. And the black vintage bag I adore. A staple that feels endlessly cool forever.

  10. poor you having too go all that way!! but you cant beat a good primark shop! hopefully with the success of the other one.. one will open sooner! love that necklace :) xxxx

  11. Completely and utterly jealous of your finds! how I wish we had Primark in the state! You have the best taste.

  12. ich liebe promark, leider gibts keinen in meiner nähe :-(

    aber wie ich sehe hast du wunderschöne dinge dort gefunen. ihc muss umbedingt eine primark-reise unternehmen :-)

  13. LOVE that cardigan and belts!

    looks like we have a lot in common, i love your blog!! check mine if you like hon XX

  14. hallo liebes,

    oooh wow primark!!! Hast Du es gut...ich war da noch nieeeeee aber ich will da so gern hin

    Tolle Sachen hast Du dir da mitgenommen...besonders die Tasche find ich toll...

    schlaf gut meine liebe....

    with love

  15. Oh Primark, don't we all (heart) it!

  16. You found beautiful and cheap things on sales that I'm a bit jealous, ahah. You look adorable :)

  17. Hmmm, now I want to go to a Primark!! I love the bags in that photo.
    Doesn't look like they will have one in Dusseldorf or Hamburg by April.... boo.

  18. Such a cute and comfy looking outfit for a day that I envy you. I really miss primark! I'm definitely gonna join you on the shopping ban. I have more than enough clothes, and some of them still have tags on!! Good luck to the both of us (is all I can say!) xx

  19. Tolles Outfit :) Und schöner Blog, kannst ja auch mal bei mir vorbei schauen wenn du möchtest ;D
    Liebe Grüße.


  21. wow toller header! Und suuuper ausbeite bei Primark!! Muss auch mal wieder hin wenn cih zu hasue in Hamburg bin ;)

    Die Gürtel sind wunderschön echt toller blog!!



  22. That haul is just awesome. I wanna come shopping there!

  23. That sounds like an utterly fun worth shopping trip. Is it like a thrifted store? We have some over here but they are pretty bad and unorganized. I wish to go to one like yours! And look at what you got, you want me want to shop already! hahah..

    Ps. LOVE your new profile picture. So pretty!

    Have a marvelous day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  24. Great bag and that squirrel necklace is sooo cute!


  25. AAAaaaah ich will auch dahin!!! ich hab das eigentlich sogar erst vor kurzem erfahren, dass es hier einen primark in der nähe gibt! Muss da auch bald hin! Hast dir coole sachen geholt, ne brille 3€ hallo? coool! Und das kirschen top ist zucker :)

  26. you look so warm and cozy under all those layers, great outfit

  27. oh ich beneide dich um das zauberhafte cardigan=)))

    liebe grüße

  28. Oh I really love that satchel! It is perfect <33

  29. Gosh, this is absolutely makes me envy you UK citizen. Primark is adorably cheap and provides lots of nice goods :)

  30. I love the belt with the birds on it, so cute. I really like the whole tan cardigan with the blue button up and jeans combination. I wish we had a Primark in the states or well near me.

  31. sweet outfit. Loving your black vintage bag and the brown suede one you bought at Primark. I could pull my hair out everyday for not being able to shop at Primark in Berlin. Got some cute finds :)
    Love Lois xxx


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