Thursday, 24 February 2011

the sound of the microwave

Hi guys!

Sorry, I have nothing special to write about today.
It's one of these ridiculously uninteresting weeks, nothing nice or special happens. I spend my days at the office and in the evenings I slouch about on the sofa and watch my favourite series. I finished Sex and the City yesterday, started with the 3rd season of Fringe and plan to continue with Desperate Housewives as soon as I have caught up with Fringe. I want to make use of all the free time now that it's semester break and invest it in watching as many good series and movies as possible.

❤ cardi & shirt: gina tricot ❤ tube top worn as skirt: vero moda ❤ belt, tights & headband: h&m ❤ necklace: bijou brigitte ❤ watch: modcloth ❤

This outfit is from Monday, my first day back at work after staying at home with the flu. Can we unlearn to put together good outfits? Somehow I had difficulties with combining colours and patterns, so I went for a simple black and grey combo. Furthermore what counts most for me is to feel comfortable. I still have not completely recovered yet, so I'm using this as an excuse to wear my comfy oversized at-home-shirts to work ;)
These loose Gina Tricot shirts are the best! I bought them in the sale in black and nude-pink for 4,90€ each and now I practically live in them because I've never owned shirts as comfortable as these! Great finds!

Hm it's Wednesday and I don't have nice plans for the weekend yet. I'm still going through with my shopping ban (God, one month can be so long...), so shopping won't happen. And the weather is colder again, it sank down to 0°C the last days, which means outdoor activities shouldn't take longer than, I don't know, an hour or so?!
Does anyone of you have good ideas or suggestions for the weekend? Could you please inspire me? :)

Alright, the microwave rings, my popcorn is ready! :)
I hope you guys have a nice day and a much more interesting week than me!

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  1. always nice to come home and relax and watch your favorite shows:) I always watch Friends! do you know that tvshow?;) It's my absolute favorite!

  2. Nice outfit. I like your headband and necklace.

  3. Beautiful watches:) I am following you!!:)

  4. thank you so much dear! hope you are doing well! :) I actually finished it about an hour or so ago! pictures soon! <3

    love, polly :D

  5. Your watch is absolutely gorgeous. I really, really love your cardigan! The print is so lovely! And your headband is really cute, you looks so pretty.

  6. loving the watch, you outfit is fab!


  7. Gorgeous outfit, but I especially love your accessoriest like the key necklace and the Modcloth watch!

    I'm very impressed with your sticking to your shopping ban! I found that when I tried to do mine I just found myself spending more money on magazines, beer and coffee :p

  8. looks stunning :))


  9. that does look really comfortable...perfect for recovering. glad you are feeling better and making the most of your break!

  10. Have fun watching your shows!!! You look adorable today...wish I had that skirt to wear today.

    Hugs to you for a great weekend. xoxo Glad you are feeling better. xoxo

  11. Weird! Right once I got to this post, I heard the microwave go off. Anyways... love the sweater! Looks so cozy <3

  12. hey
    also über zumba werde ich erst nächsten mi berichten können weil der kurs gestern ausgefallen ist. Wegen krankheit. Na ja. Nicht schlimm mir gings eh auch nicht so gut!
    Liebe grüße

  13. That cardigan is so fun! You look lovely as usual! <3

  14. What's it like to live in dusseldorf? I've always wanted to visit. Someone told me it's like teh fashion capital of germany

  15. The key necklace is so perfect! I love that cardi, too ;-)

  16. Hallo Liebes,

    ich hoffe Du hattest eine tolle Woche?!!!!

    Tolles Outfit...ich mag die grauen Töne aber weisst was...das Band steht Dir gut :) finds klasse!!!! Alles sieht sehr gut durchdacht aus.... :)))

    Wünsch Dir ein tolles und erholsames WE Liebes

    with love

  17. Cute cardi! It adds a fun element to the black/grey attire

  18. I love your necklace, and great idea wearing the tube top as a skirt!
    M xo


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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