Sunday 27 February 2011

little weekend collection

Hi guys!

My life is still superboring, no action, nothing exciting.
This affects my outfits so that they are pretty boring too.
I really don't have something to write about, so I leave you with the photos of my two casual weekend looks and remain with the wish that something exciting will happen soon.


❤ cardi + jeans: h&m ❤ shirt: gina tricot ❤ shoes: buffalo ❤ necklace: accessorize


❤ cardi, shirt + jeans: h&m ❤ shoes. vintage via ebay ❤ necklace: still accessorize

Look, the house locket even has tiny rooms with furniture inside :D

To complete the weekend outfit collection I have to say that today I'm wearing floral pyjama pants from H&M and a comfy Gina tricot sweater.

Btw: does anyone have a recipe against this superboring life? I have so many plans in my head but can't put them into action because this tenacious cough still hasn't left completely and because the weather is so so shitty here at the moment.

Argh, whatever. There'll be better times soon I hope.
Have a lovely Sunday!
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  1. Das Blümchen Shirt ist ja süss!

    Mir geht es ähnlich. Ich habe so viele Ideen, aber keine Zeit oder Möglichkeit sie momentan zu verwirklichen. Mein Leben besteht gerade aus Lernen und Spülen... na sehr schön!^^

  2. Dont think about boring life Carina!
    Just force your self to do something and a new one :) Always challenge your self and give gift to your self after you pass it well :)

    Liz Secret Rendezvous

  3. Die hauschenkette is super! ich hoffe auch dass es bald fruehling wird, von der kaelte und naesse habe ich jetzt so langsam wirklich genug.

    p.s. keine umlaute auf meinem keyboard!

  4. Ohh die Kette ist ja süß :D

  5. Super cute outfits! Love the animal print sneakers, the floral top & of course that locket!

  6. you look lovely! The floral print on the top in your second outfit is so pretty.
    Myabe things will get less boring when Summer comes around, I really hope so!

  7. i'm sure something exciting will happen soon! and i don't agree about your outfits, not boring but very soft and comfy! that's what i'm wearing now thatit's cold and snowy :) can't wait for spring though :) PS love your locket!!

  8. Love your leopard shoes, and the floral top and dollhouse necklace from Saturday are wicked!
    As for beating the boreds, I've been having that problem too. I have no motivation! I just sit on my computer and look up two hours later, wondering at the time that's gone by and thinking of all the things I could have done in that time... oops! When the weather relents, everything will be better!
    M xo

  9. I hear you, I'm super bored aswell! It's quite sunny here though, so I just went for a random drive! but hey, pamper yourself! When it's raining outside I just go for a nice bath with some bath bombs, get a facial mask, a nice book and some tea, and just relax!

    btw, why do you ALWAYS have the best accessories?! Im so jealous!

  10. The weather here is always unbearable in winter. So I stock up on lots of books, & DS games in the fall. I also always organize my photo folders and things like that over winter. Then in summer, I only do those things on rainy days. I spend every sunny moment (that I'm not working boo) soaking up that sunlight!
    I think life just has those 2 phases. Cozy and quiet in winter, and active and exciting in summer. I like both, but of course I wouldn't mind it if the summer was longer and the winter was shorter!

  11. I love the locket! About that superboring life.. you have to change that by yourself.. All that plans that you have, write them on paper, see what can you do immediately.. And then start.. step by step :)

  12. I love your necklace so much, it's amazingly cute!!!
    Hmm I personally consider myself to have a super boring life too, but I used to have quiet the opposite and I think I over did things a bit with partying and drinking so I'm really pleased that the most "exciting" aspect of my life now is going out to a nice cafe. Though, everyone has different ideas of what is considered it really depends. My best advice on how to make your life more exciting is to never stop doing the things that you love doing.

  13. your blogname is so funny - i had to take a look :)

    if you are bored: come to me, i have to clean. of course you will get a cup of coffee ;)


  14. Oh gott bei mir siehts grad genauso aus! Und dabei haben wir semesterferien! EIn grund mehr etwa szu unternehmen! Und trotzdem kriegt man iwie den Arsch nicht hoch...

  15. That second outfit is quite adorable! I can't believe how long a pesky cough can stick around... hope you feel better soon!

  16. die kette ist echt super schön :) vor allem mit der kompletten inneneinrichtung^^

  17. TRUST ME your outfits are not boring haha

    but my life is..everyday the same OLD routine !!


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