Monday, 7 February 2011

the versatile sunday

Hi guys!
Hello new readers and thanks for following! :)

Yesterday I completely forgot to tell you that my best friend called to invite me to his wedding. Zoom! I was so flabbergasted! He and his fiancé have rented Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland for June 2012. Oh my God! Can you tell how excited I am to go to Scotland for the first time? It's always been one of my favourite go-to countries! Plus: it's my first wedding invitation ever.
And I'll be his witness, which goes without saying because I know him since I was born - literally. That's why I agreed, normally I'm not a fan of marriages after my parents' divorce a few years ago.

The other day I was tagged for this here:

A fellow-Chictopian and fellow-blogger from Düsseldorf (yay!) started her own blog a few weeks ago, it's called My Eye.
If you have a minute please head over and take a look at her great style! Red hair + dark clothing = pure coolness I say.
She passed on this award to me and now I'm supposed to tell you 7 facts about me and pass it on to 10 other bloggers.
I've done this before, so today I thought I turn the 7 facts about me into 7 things I like and add some photos of my weekend ;)

Here we go!

I like...

... reading!
I started reading this travelogue about a man who travelled to places that can't be found in travel guides, that is to say conflict areas like Congo, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan etc. Very interesting!

... Latte Macchiato!
Nothing better than a big glass of coffee with lots of milk in the morning!

Yesterday I noticed that one of my mini cactuses grew towards the sun so assiduously that it looks like a little dinosaur now :D

...Patrick's hair when it's getting too long!
The longer his hair grows the more waves and curls appear, so cute!
(He didn't want to be in the photo with a tired face.) pizzas!
Somehow I like the small ones even better than the normal bake up pizzas. Had them for dinner yesteday evening.

... dark furniture!
Mixed with white furniture, obviously ;)
We bought a set of small tables for the living room because Patrick needed a safe place for his new CD-player.

...nesting dolls a.k.a. matryoshkas!
I have a couple of them, they hang out on our shelves and window sills.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.
Now I have to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to 10 people.
I chose these blogs here:

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02. mrsk
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05. mademoiselle robot
06. tangled up in clothes
07. smitten
08. venila kostis
09. dear fish
10. isabella's fashion

Happy Sunday to all of you! :)

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  1. *wants oh so much to go there* Lucky you!! I'm sure you'll have an amazing trip!! Scotland is definitely one of my dream destinations too. My moms ancestors come from there, so I'd love to go see, and touch, and feel , and smell, and taste. They say one has such an overwhelming sense of homecoming and peace . And I just know I would too. Many a tear would be shed. One day, one day :)

  2. also, your friend is very beautiful and seems quite lovely, will follow :) loving her style too!
    hope you're having a good weekend!!

  3. Hey, of course I care about these awards. I really appreciate you thought about awarding me.
    Thank you.
    This might sound weird, but when I look at the second picture of your cactus, I see something different.
    I see a man trying to choke another man, or, I see a couple dancing.

  4. Hallo meine Liebe,

    hoffe Du hattest einen tollen Frühlingstag?! WAs hast Du schönes gemacht?

    Kennst Du das auch...wenn Du Abends total nach Frühling duftest...Deine Haare? So gehts mir grad ;))!

    Wünsch Dir einen schönen Abend :)

    with love

  5. Jades hat von zeit zu zeit echt tolle events bzw gäste, da lohnt es sich immer, ein auge drauf zu haben! justin timberlake und victoria beckham waren beispielsweise auch schon da :)
    xoxo F

  6. Thankyou ever so much for nominating me. Means a lot that people actually like what I write! x

  7. aww..thank u sweetie for the award,
    i heart u


  8. those mini pizzas look so yummy, loving your blog :D

  9. What is the book you are reading?? It sounds interesting! I am going to scotland this summer and I couldn't be more excited. I'm hoping to see nessy :)

  10. the award is well deserved! I love your posts and look forward to learning more about you and your interests :)

  11. Hey man war ich lange war, hab diesen post hier sogar verpasst. Dankeschööööön für das tolle kompliment :D du bist ja cool :D rot+schwarz=cool ^^
    Und das ist doch auch mal ne nette idee einfach Photos von Sachen zu zeigen die man mag. Übrigens: das mit den Haaren beim Freund, dunkler Möbel und Matröjschkas is bei mir genau so. Ich kenn letztere noch von Kindheit auf (bin 1/4 Russin).
    Und hey deine erste Einladung, echt? Ich glaub ich war schon auf über 10 Hochzeiten und das in meinem jungen Leben :D Aber hey das wird bestimmt grandios! Allein schon wegen der location! Aufregend!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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