Monday 21 February 2011

back to life (+ my new tumblr)

(photo via Viola Lion@tumblr)

Hi guys!

After one complete week at home with the flu and especially with a really tenacious cough I'm steeling myself for going back to work tomorrow. I'm feeling better slowly but steady and I can't wait to go out again, even if this primarily means going to the office, but (oh yes the big but): isn't it awesome to be able to stay at home and only do indoor things from time to time?
What I will surely miss is the one or two hour breakfast in front of the laptop at 9 or 10 am when I did some extensive blog & news reading/online window shopping/event checking etc. with a cup of coffee and some toasts. Furthermore when it comes to watching favourite series I love to be able to watch one episode after the other without having to stop because you need to go to bed to be fit for work next day. There's nothing better than a little flu house arrest every now and then. God you must think I'm the laziest person ever... but don't forget I also said I can't wait to get out again :p

(photo via iamthecrime@tumblr)

Anyway, today picked myself up and decided to use my tumblr a little more again. So I changed the template resp. the design a bit, edited the little info text about me and felt wonderfully fresh and new and inspired - well, at least in a virtual sense ;)

I actually started this little tumblr site of mine to be able to post all kind of inspiration I come across on my way through the internet and that's what I did, but it ended up being only one picture after the other without any tags or comments or anything and that's what bothered me.
So now I will post a) more often again and b) I'll let you know more about the background of a picture or why it feels inspiring to me or what reaction it triggered and so on

How do you like that? Good idea? Will it make my tumblr blog more interesting to you?

(photo via killmetheking@tumblr)

I don't consider my tumblr page as another full blog of mine but rather as an occasion to post things more spontaneously or also to post things that I wouldn't do extensive posts about on Bad Taste Toast.

So I'd be glad if you could visit my tumblr page "Little Owl Girl" and take a look and see if you like it (feel free to follow).

If you're on tumblr too and want me to follow you please leave me a link to your tumblr in the comments so we can kind of exchange links! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!
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  1. Ah yes, there's not really any replacement for forced rest! Aside from feeling crappy, glad you got to enjoy some rest and blog time! :D I use my Tumblr just to advertise my new Etsy goods... but here's the address I'll follow along with you :D

    Happy Sunday and here's to health!!!

  2. Oh hai! =D
    I know how being sick is bitterweet. I feel kinda low but staying home is fun too. Just checked out your tumblr, I am gonna follow. I see you like Joseph Gordon Levitt too! Mine has been inactive for a while, maybe you will inspire me to start posting again! Mine is
    Also, blogrolling you on my blog :)

  3. So glad you're feeling better- it's nice to have a good rest in bed though, especially in winter! I think I have a tumblr but can't quite remember haha. I'll be checking yours out though! xx

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better, that sucks that you were so sick!! Being sick is no fun at all.
    I think I started a tumblr but never added anything to it, haha. I got busy with school/other blog/work. At least I can follow other peopels!

  5. Glad to hear about the new tumblr, will be following :)


  6. I'm glad you're feeling better, it's just too bad you have to go back to work! I'll take a look at your Tumblr, I'm sure it's lovely :)

  7. i will check out your tumblr! i have one too so i guess you'll see me follow you, i can't remember the address now, haha :)
    thanks for the info on that hostel, we checked and it is already full when we want to go. boo!! hope you are feeling better :)

  8. Das erste Bild ist super, gefällt mir richtig gut!!
    xoxo F


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