Thursday, 19 August 2010

my music: Katzenjammer


Hi guys!

I thought of doing this new feature where I introduce you cool music that I stumble upon from time to time. So here it is, my first "my music".

The band I'd like to show you is called Katzenjammer, but don't panic, their lyrics are English so you can all understand them. Despite the German name they are a bunch of 4 girls from Oslo in Norway and I'm sure some of you already know them.


So I bought a magazine and came across a little article of Katzenjammer because they played a concert here in Düsseldorf back in July. The first thing that caught my eyes was the band photo: 4 pretty girls in lovely clothes (this is no fashion post, but I tell you they always wear extra lovely outfits and provide an own adorable children's clothing line). Hm, so I was like "Nice, but I thought we're through with girl bands since the Spice Girls broke up...", but then I couldn't resist to look for some of their songs on Youtube.


Surprisingly their music is really cool! They call themselves the queens of sultry sound and that's what you get. I know that it's a recent trend to play country or folk or blue grass sounds, but I admit I've always loved to hear a good folk-influenced song once in a while. It's such a good alternative to all the constantly unchanging popsongs. And if you visit their website you can see how many instruments these 4 girls use to make their music sound like it sounds (there are so so many funny instruments, believe me).


So I'd describe their music as a mix of pop, rock and folk combined with a lot of temper and fun. Take for example their awesome song "A Bar In Amsterdam", it's funny, it's thrilling, passionate and the refrain will be stuck in your head for days and leave you with the desire to hear it again.

Listening to "To The Sea" you'll immediately feel like someone time-warped you to a grubby sailor pub on the docks of a grey town by the sea in the last 18th century. The intro will make you feel like you're at the cabaret and the melody is just sweeping. Hearing the music I can totally imagine an old captain sitting there, sipping rum and dreaming of going to the sea again.


And please don't let their album title "Le Pop" fool you, there's a bit of everything in it but really no simple and plain pop music. Every song tells a story on its own and makes the listener feel excited about what will come next. I say it's a thoroughly felicitous piece of music that sounds like a thrilling adventure book that the reader can't put aside. I'll definitely buy it as soon as I have money again (hehe typical student slogan).

Please let my know how you like the music, I can't wait to hear your opinion about it :-)

Have a great day!
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