Saturday 28 August 2010

don't bar your daughters from having style

Hi guys!

How are you doing? I had a very nice Friday despite the rainy autumny last days of summer over here in Düsseldorf. I had lots of stuff to do this morning, but in the afternoon - after handing in a paper for uni - I decided that it was time for a little shopping spree.
Normally the city is full of people on Fridays, especially the shopping streets, but today it was cloudy and rather cold and it rained. These are my favourite days to go shopping because the streets are almost empty and you don't sweat like hell in the sticky shops. I don't mind rain at all.

cardi + shirt: h&m, skirt: thrifted, scarf: ebay, tights: accessorize, boots: bullboxer, tote bag; emily the strange

I happened to hear a dialogue of a father and his teenage daughter in the changing rooms at Zara. First of all: how annoying is it to go shopping with your father? I mean okay maybe he pays everything you want, but as far as I know most men are too impatient to accompany women on shopping sprees and it really sucks when you always have a voice in your ear asking "Can we go now?". Well, in this case with the girl and her father it was even worse because in addition to being impatient the father also tried to consult his daughter to make her decide faster. He was like "Oh no Joy (annotation: her name) this doesn't suit you. You know it." and "No I told you before this doesn't suit you so don't discuss with me!"... Damn, I think I would have stormed off if I were Joy...

bangle: accessorize, fake leather bracelet: six

I tried the side braid with the flower clip again today. I also wore this last Saturday, it's my favourite alternative to wearing my hair down since then.

...What kind of father is he to bar his daughter from developing and finding her own style? Well, it's okay if parents tell their teen daughters to not dress like a slut, but the girl at Zara was trying on a normal striped blouse (I saw this when I left the changing rooms).
My parents always let me wear what I wanted, even if I looked like a dork :) And it never hurt me, I've found my style in the course of the last few years - at least I think so. But as style is an ever-changing component in life, it's certainly not over yet.
So all you fathers out there: don't consult your daughters on shopping sprees please, except you are Karl Lagerfeld, a male version of Patricia Field or someone like that !

These are the photos I took during my little shopping spree:

I loved the cardi but I wasn't sure about the dress because it's not so flattering in the tummy area. What do you think, should I go and get it though next week?

I almost died over these adorable high waist shorts and they were so cheap (9 Euro)! But they were way too short to look good on me with my chubby legs.

Aren't these great colours? I almost bought this, but H&M blouses never fit me up above. I don't know why they cut their stuff so tight around the breast area, don't they no that not all girls have the same bra size?

Aaaw this is a shirt from the new Zara TRF fall collection! They have several different t-shirts with these lovely prints. Looks like an illustration from an old children's book doesn't it? It immedietaly reminded me of Beatrix Potter illustrations :)

And this is what I brought home:
(lovely transition pieces in autumny colours)

cardi and scarf: h&m, belt: new yorker, shirt: zara

nail polish: artdeco ultra quick dry no.70 (light taupe), squirrel necklace: h&m

Have a great weekend!

now playing: coheed and cambria - world of lines

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  1. oh I wish my dad did that, my dad has never really given me the time of day. He wanted a son see, he put's zero effort in. I know that sounds mad, and yes if I was Joy I would be upset ....but the fact her father was there when I'm sure he could be doing other things means he wants to be part of her life. It's love, trust me it's better to have your parent's annoying you (like my wonderful loving mother) than to just not give a shit. This did make me laugh. Oh love your buys and the outfit is so cute that you have on, I love it when the shops are dead and everyone stays in. It's great to shop and see thing rather than people heads and bums in the way so you get get to the rails without saying excuse me ...20 times or more. Have a great weekend xxxx

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment! You're right, I didn't see the whole father daughter situation from your perspective. If we see it like this it's of course better when parents spend time with their children instead of putting them off and making excuses.
    Maybe I just didn't think of that because my parents used to be overeager to do something with me. Sometimes I forget that not all children were that lucky :-/

  3. I really like the things you brought home with you. The color of the cardigan is great for autumn! And so are the colors in the scarf.
    But really the best part is what you're wearing today, love it!! So if you could just bundle that all up in a pkg and send it to Canada, I'd be very grateful! haha!

  4. such a fun look! thank god my parents let me wear whatever i want... haha

  5. Oh god I am just dying with jealousy!!! That mustard cardigan is do diiiiie for as is that sweet little squirel pednant, lovely!

  6. Hihi, die Eichhörnchenkette hab ich mir auch letzten Do gekauft, ebenfalls nachdem ich eine Seminararbeit fertig und abgegeben hatte ^^

  7. I love the scarf you're wearing!

    I also think it's nice for the dad to do stuff with the daughter, though maybe something he enjoys too would have been better! I'm sure she never listened to him anyway! I wouldn't have at that age!

  8. die high waist shorts sehen ganz fantastisch aus!!! :)

  9. Oh, love your scarf! It is just perfect on you!
    I would love to shop with you :)
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  10. lucky i grew up without a father haha although i do wonder sometimes how it felt like to actually go shopping with him

    but poor girl Joy , he's father can be such a pain in the ass lol , men so clueless about style and fashion

    btw i think the dress looks good on you ,
    ( normally for dresses that is not flattering in my tummy area , i hide them up with a pair of girdles lol ) Whats the feedback you got so far? will you get it next week?
    my opinion is get it if you are still thinking about it now , if not then forget it and save the money for some better hunt next time

    the yellow cardigan i ♥ , the colors is warm and i am sure its very comfy


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