Sunday 8 August 2010


Hi guys!

Finally I'm released from the uni stress, so I told myself: the next few days you won't do anything for the last term paper that has to be finished. I'll have to hand it in by the end of September so it doesn't hurt to take some days for doing only the unimportant things in life.
I'm using the time for watching Fringe mostly. I know the series is not new, but it was not before last month that I discovered it for me. I used to be a sucker for The X-Files and for Ghost Hunters and MTV Fear and all when I was younger, I'm a little freak when it comes to paranormal stuff being turned into a series :)

dress + belt: h&m, cardi: zara, boots: vintage, bag: j'aime la vie, wooden jewelry: accessorize & thrifted

As you can see I'm catching up with all the posts I wanted to write but didn't do this week. This outfit is actually from Wednesday, I wore it to work.
It was perfectly comfortable because of the soft jersey wrap dress. I love wrap clothes and I noticed that I own way too little of them. I only have this dress and a wrap cardi.
Well, let's take the dress: knee-length is perfect for all kind of body shapes, so you can't go wrong with the length. And the wrap effect makes the cleavage look so good and furthermore the cut somehow even conceals love-handles.
Thank you wrap dress for being so flattering.

Maybe you noticed that I started to wear the brown boots more often now. I still didn't give up the hope of being able to walk on high heels casually someday. I try to get used to it by practising with the halfway-high boots with the rather chunky heel, my beginner heels so to speak ;)
It really works, I'm used to the boots now and they are absolutely comfortable to walk in. High heels, I'll get ya!

Okay, everything is said and done for today. I'm listening to the lovely Mumford and Sons, sipping at a warm cup of flat white and enjoying the thought of a Saturday night with nothing to do but watching DVD.

Have a wonderful day!

now playing: mumford and sons - winter winds
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  1. That dress is so pretty! I think you look wonderful in blue. omg I loooooooooove Fringe. It is so good! I can't wait for Season 3. Also, congratulations on getting through another chunk of Uni! I know how it is!

  2. the dress is sooo pretty!!! it is such a lovely colour!! the cut and style fo the dress is gorgeous!! and i am so envious of your boots they look so lovely i need to find a pair like that!1

  3. u look really pretty in that outfit!

  4. Fabulous floral dress, love it with the belt, and the boots MAKE the dress, glad you're getting comfortable in them! So happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  5. I love Fringe! I really need to catch up on the last season though. I'm afraid I got so behind on it and never caught up. Thank goodness for internet and catching up on shows like that! I hope you have been well!

  6. das kleid steht dir ausgezeichnet! :)
    liebe grüße

  7. You look so cute in that wrap dress..I don't think I own any but I know that they are so comfy! And's soo good!! As Mitzi said I can't wait for season 3 :) Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing.

  8. Brown boots are interesting...everyone always seems to wear black shoes so brown show a bit more personality...and they make your blue dress and cardigan more distinctive-looking. Great outfit.


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