Monday 2 August 2010

a little deco feature

Hi guys!

It was a busy busy week for me and next week will be better but still busy, so I only have time to post a little deco feature today.
We have this lovely rustic sideboard in our kitchen and the last time I changed the deco on it was back in 2009 some days before christmas. Fortunately this star-shaped deco bowl is seasonally independent because despite of the shape its rather simple. Then there are some storage glasses and two pretty little plants on a simple beige table runner.

So far so good but I thought we have a summer like straight out off a picture book, so the deco has to be at least a bit more summery. I received a new furniture catalogue with lovely country kitchens in it, so this inspired me to redecorate. I didn't change much but it looks a bit fresher now :)

As you can see I only changed the table runner (bought it at my trusty favourite deco shop Das Depot because their table runners have the perfect measurements) and filled the twig bowl with fresh looking flowers. First I tinkered with the idea of using real fresh flowers but then I thought of how much work it would be to change them every week and that's why I used artificial flowers.

I hope you liked my little feature or maybe you even have some more ideas for me how to improve the look of our sideboard :)

Have a wonderful day!
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  1. a star <3 it's lovely!!

    have a nice day and don't forget to visit my blog :)!

  2. beautiful decorations! made me want to change my interior a bit!


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